Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: The Search for Happiness

Happiness is a state of activity

Today’s Monday Motivation: Happiness is a state of activity by Aristotle reminds us that you can’t wait around for happiness to come find you; you must be active in the search for happiness. You need to make choices, set goals, and plan an attack for achieving those goals.

It seems that so many people these days are unhappy. Turn on the news and see a world of negative images. Article after article is being published about ways to find happiness. There is a self-help section in the bookstore that has dozens of books related to finding happiness. Finding is the key word here. It doesn’t come knocking on your door. It doesn’t leave you present on the doorstep. And it doesn’t come in the mail. You have the power to determine what makes you happy and what you have to do to achieve that happiness.

HappinessĀ hasĀ to be a state of activity because you must plan for it.

So what makes you happy? And how are you going to achieve it?

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  1. Laura…….How true, you always get me thinking. Got a new PC and will try to finish my story. I sent a page 18 around March 1, did not know if you did not get it or ??. Not really sure what I said in it, but it was early in the morning and my thoughts were flowing so would love to see what I wrote. When I turned on the PC this morning, it had a story on Soul Mates and that got me thinking also when I read your Monday Motivational. Just got back from a trip, so I thought it was funny how the 2 items I read first played into each other. …..Dorthy

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