The Planning Trap


This blog has been around for over a year. You wouldn’t know it based on the random posts I used to do. I would post like a fiend for a couple weeks, then drop off the grid for a month or two.  I’ve wanted to write for years. I still do. Blogging gave me a platform to live out my dreams without having to write a novel (which is freaking scary to me). I love blogging so much, but you would never know. How can someone who loves it write so little?

It was all about paralysis and the planning trap. Once a post is published, it’s out there for anyone to see. Millions of people have access to love it, hate it, or completely ignore it. Knowing this creates a sense of urgency to generate material that will blow people’s minds. I set the standard way too high. Who can compete with blowing people’s minds every single day?

So I started planning. I came up with ideas. I read books. I wrote out detailed outlines about these noteworthy topics. Then I would toss them because they weren’t mind-blowingly worthy. I spent so much time planning and did so little writing. I used the process to hide from what I loved. For over a year this occurred. I would get what I thought was a great idea, so I would blog about it for a few days or weeks. Then the well would just dry up, and the planning would start anew.

Recently, I decided it was time to write about the things that I found interesting. Surely there would be a few like-minded people that would give me a shot. It has made all the difference in the world. The ideas are flowing because I’m not trying to blow people’s minds. The keyboard is being used because I spend ten minutes planning my blogs for the week, giving me not only focus but also plenty of time to sit and write. Planning had become a way to hide from blogging. I couldn’t blog because I had to finish reading a book that I wanted to review. I couldn’t blog because I had to organize this room so I could take a picture. I couldn’t blog because I needed to have an entire month planned out first. Once I took a look at the facts (I was hiding and I should be blogging because I love it), the pressure lifted, ideas came to me, and I was able to significantly cut down my planning time.

We all blog in the hopes that someone will read it and enjoy what we’re putting out there. But in my desire to gain readers, I had forgotten that I started blogging because I just had things to say. Now I’m saying them.

Don’t fall into the planning rut. Just tell us what you want to share without fear.

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  1. Hello Laura….How true. My 1st father in law fit that to a tee. He was very educated and knew alot about everything. He always wanted to build things and would study up and read all about doing it. Then go out and buy the best tools and equipment. Finally, never get started and have it filed away in his basement as a project to do. You never know where life will take you. English, spelling, writing, were always something not very interesting to me. Being a Pisces, no interest in it, so I was lazy about it. Who really needs 4 kinds of (too, to, two, 2’s) to confuse us. Could you imagine a world where the number 5 is different depending if you were adding or subtracting with it? So with that being said, I spend a lot of my day with reading non-fiction, with writing for a web page that started 15yrs ago. It is a site where like minded people get together to discuss todays topics and problems along with our hobby. In 2008 that said we had 28,500 followers a day. Today I would guess 40K. Isn’t it strange that I ended up doing so much in an area I found so “icky”. Who would have thought! The beauty is that I use a screen name and few people know or connect me to it. I might say I even have become somewhat famous across the United States, but again am I really when no one know it. Kind of like going to the store in your night clothes and hair messy. No one knows you so is it important to look good??. I could tell a difference in your writing style last week, you seemed much more open and care free. I like it, not that you are not good at being structured, which you are very good, but you know what I mean. I have a story in me that I have carried for years, very personal and very unbelievable, I was thinking about sharing it seeing how no one knows me or maybe they do. What do you think…Dorthy

    1. Stories are always meant to be shared, Dorothy. It’s just a matter of finding the right format and making sure that telling your story won’t negatively impact you or anyone in the story. Good luck!

      1. Hello Laura You used the term format, and that made me think maybe I should have paid more attention in English class. I guess this will be an autobiography to a degree. It will contain a segment of my life over a long period of time that continues to this day. All I can relay is what I have lived and let the readers decide. Everything that I write will be exactly how it happened. Probably will take a few days to spew it all out, so if I stop in the middle of a thought, it probably means the dog needs to go out. If questions arise feel free to ask them. Nothing in this story will be fiction and most things probably can be verified by someone else. I’ve been thinking of a title for it, maybe just leave it nameless, heck that may even be the title or maybe…A Lovestory or just a Story? You will certainly find spelling errors and typing errors, I am not much for getting this perfect, but you did make me think twice about this being out there for millions of viewers till the end of time.

  2. This story begins when I was at a very young age. People have alwys commented on how strong my memory is. I can actually remember things back before I could walk. I started walking when I turned 1, so let’s not have any jokes about being a late walker. I have many accounts of my 3 to 4 years of age that are very vivid to me. This particular incidence started when I was 5yrs old. My dad and I were coming home from the grocery store and only had a few hundred feet to travel before hitting the driveway. From the opposite direction a 18 wheeler semi was lost in our neighborhood and coming up to a stop sign that we were approaching from the other direction. The trailer of his rig hit an overhanging maple tree limb which caused it to almost fall over in our lane of traffic, but another limb stopped it. My dad slammed on the brakes and I flew forward hitting the dash board with a face plant. By the way, this was before seat belts. My bottom 2 teeth went through my bottom lip and blood was free flowing. Naturally I was crying like a baby, but no reall damage other then a couple of somewhat loose teeth. We were home within a minute or two and I was still crying while holding my face with blood everywhere. She rushes to me as my dad tells the story. In a flash she has a cold wash cloth for my face when the phone rings. It was her sister that lives across town wanting to know what happened to me and why my face was bloody and would I be alright? Well even though I was only 5, I knew there was no way she could or should have known what just happened. That moment got me thinking and asking questions of how it was possible. Those same questions still follow me today and I can say I still am working on the answers. …….Page 2 to follow

  3. Okay, just proof read my first page and noticed a run on sentence, and extra l on the word real and I should have said My Mother rushed to me instead of she…… Hey, I warned you that I make mistakes and yeah this is still a Love Story I think.

    Page 2
    So over the next several years I would ask questions of what occured. My Mother relayed stories of how her dad had pulled their money just one day before the bank closed, which inturned save the farm. My Mother also was very good at predicting when someone would die. If she had dreams of the color white, as she was hanging white sheets up all night, look out, someone was going to die. Likewise if she would dream the color green, money was coming into the family. Naturally we did not have many green nights but the white ones came along several times a year. After hearing dozens of stories you began to be a Beaver Believer if you know what I mean. What really started to un-nerve me was the fact I had windows of what was going on or should I say what will happen in my life as well. Sorry, the dog needs to go out.

  4. Thank you for your kind words. That actually means alot to me because it comes from a HS English teacher, The othe site that I hang out at is not really a blog, but a web site that has a main discussion board. It is somewhat of a tough place until they accept you, so most never make any posts, they just read what is going on in all facets of life.and enjoy the humor and inside jokes. They are really quite unique individuals. They would give the shirt off their back to help each other out. Case in point, one was on the verge of loosing his house, everyone chipped in and sent him $10,000 to save it. Not many websites will do that. Their educational level is also extremely high. I asked a couple of years ago and gave values to how far people have gone. 0- for not graduating from HS 1 for a GED, and all the way up. I have a BS from a Univ. and though I would fall in the middle somewhere. Wrong, out of 87 responces, I was like 7th from the bottom. Some even had double PHD’s. Every walk of life.

  5. Page 3

    Grade school was completed and I found myself in 9th grade Biology class. First week the instructor pointed out how only 10% of the population have attached ear lobes. Out of a class of 20, only myself and another had them so it held true. The funny thing was that for some reason I knew that I would meet a person with that feature. My brother had gotten married and my sister was planning hers. I thought….wow I wonder who will be my spouce will be. I was soon given the answer with a 5 letter first name but no last name. It came to me with a crazy feeling, only problem, I did not know anyone with that name. 2nd thing I knew was that I would marry when I was 21 yrs. old. That gave me most of High School to find my soul mate, but dang a last name sure would have been easier. I would not date in HS because I did not want to be with someone when I found the RIGHT one. I would even go through the year book looking for that person with the correct name in other class years, but no one matched the name. Then it dawned on me, I will meet them in college,dah… Went to college and nope could not find them the 1st year. Went the 2nd year and then said, wait a minute, I am taking courses that everyone that is in the class is the same sex as me. Christmas break I thought that well there was one person that reminds me alot of the person I was to be with, but the name was wrong. So I called them out of the blue because I did not know if they went away for college or already had a friend. This person had probably all of the physical features of the person I was looking for so who’s to say I just did not come up with the right first name? Anyway called them up and they were still in town, they remembered who I was but was busy,, call back in a few weeks. God, I thought my soul mate would have been a little more friendly. Guess they did not know. we were ment to be. I waited a few weeks and called again, this time they were going to the home or farm of their room mate. Nope, shot down again. Only one way to decide if I should call back, play 3 games of pool and If I could run the table in any one of the games, I would call back. Sure enough, ran the table and made the call. Things went smoothly until they got in the vechical and could not close the door, I gave out a little smirk, okay a laugh and they told me they were never going out with me again for laughing at them. Wow, this is getting to be a challenge now. Things went uphill from there and people were amazed at what a perfect couple we were.

  6. Just a few updates. When I let the dog out last time, I came back and my PC had crashed. I am banging these words out with a 9 yr. old lap top with a cracked case. The case is cracked from use, not dropping it.because it weighs so much. Any way, forgot to put my screen name back in so I must be running anonymous, yeah right. This PC or should I say Piece of Crap also has extortian virus. Yeah, actually had a call asking me to send money if I want my files back. Do we live in a world of Black Mail or what? I told him to Keep them, I don’t do anything with it but play. Also remember if you want me to stop, just give the word, I realize I am here as your guest.

    Page 4

    Perfect, that may be a little to strong of a word for our relationship. For instance 2 weeks before we were to be married, the spouse to be blew up over a fit or rage over who knows what. To this day I still have no clue, but it occured in front of my future mother in law and she thought the wedding was off. I just stood there shaking my head not even knowing what to say because I did not even know what the topic was. Also on our honeymoon, we had to travel 1000 miles to get to our destination and you can learn alot about someone when your in the middle of no where and radio stations do not even exist. I told them my thoughts on religion, and after being with someone every weekend for 2 years you would think you kind of know them. Wrong, my spouse was much more religious then I was, but I had never seen them go to church. Wow, what an eye opener when they said they were thinking about leaving me because of my views that we never had discussed. Well I knew my Mr. Right was not very religious either, but I guess this was just another sign saying I may have made a mistake. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great deal in common, maybe 80 or 90 percent, but remember those last few gears were not matching and I had my doubt.

  7. Page 5

    Did I really say Doubt, let’s just say by the time it was over I didicated the song by Genesis : “Thats All” Truth of the matter things were nice but as the years grew on, just no pleasen. A 4th child was due and I already knew it was not going to be a pleasant experience. We both knew it would be a girl and we went in for 9 month visit with everything looking normal. But remember I could sometimes tell what was going to happen. Went into labor a day or two after the 9 month check up and got ready for the delivery. Nurse started checking for the heart beat, and I said, don’t bother the child is dead. Now if you ever want to see a RN give someone “the look” try that sometime. Delivery went fine, perfect baby girl other then that problem. Well they say the death of a child will tear any marriage apart, let’s just say ours went down hill from there in a hurry. One thing lead to another and the spouse found someone at work they thought they liked better. We struggled for 2 or 3 years and actually had a make up child, fanstic baby boy with an old sole. I could write a book on him alone. The day came when I was a free agent and thought, all right, will this be the time I find the Right One? Damn Dog…….

  8. Thanks for the kind thoughts again Laura. Losing a child must rank at the top of painful things we sometimes must live through. Oh, the other website I hang out at had one of the people who reads it ask a question. Seems he is a maintenence guy who needed to fix a problem. His boss was all over him and so were his co workers. Bad enough that he thought he might loose his job over it. I told what I thought was wrong but I was able to connect my friend up that I knew would know the answer. My friend solved his problem which was what I thought and saved the day. 2 weeks ago we were discussing the Challenger Space shuttle disaster. A few minutes later, one of the guys that follow that disussion board said he was in the room when they decided to launch. He told how the decission was made and we know what happened next. Crazy small world we live in.

    Page 6

    A year or so before the death of our infant, I would watch a weekly TV show. It was about an insurance investigator that solved a crime and received 10% of the item for the recovery. The show was just the title of his last name. Very unusual but that name would rattle around in my head and I can remember wondering if that may be the last name of the Right one. I will just give you the first and last letters of the name because a few years later I became friends with someone with almost the last same name. The name of the show was Bk and my friend now of over 15 years is Vk. I just saw may friend last week at a party and he reminded me of how his dad’s house was just a few houses away from where I grew up which was just a few homes from the bloody face on the car dash. I bring this person into my story because I always thought he could have been a brother. Some type of connection. Also my first spouces last name is Yk which is also a very uncommon name.

  9. Wow, your fast. I was just re-reading all my mistakes and noticed you approved it. Take care and Good Night……Dorthy

  10. Page 7

    I just read what I have put down for Millions of Would Be Viewers for Ever Time….Thanks Laura, I now have that rattling around in My Head as I put pen to paper. I realize I am leaving out a lot of pages from this story. Here is a glismip into a few. I remember having a classmate in the 3 grade that when a movie was shown at school on the dark stage because all the classes shared the same projector, My friend would sit Indian Style on the floor and I would put my head in their lap so we could kiss for the next 30 min. I always looked forward to movies at school. In the 5th grade I remember vividly my spouse to be in 10 yrs, yet never talked to them all during my school years. 6th grade we all discussed what we would be, only the class told the person in question what they thought. I was suppose to be a debator or an Attorney, yet I knew I would not be. Ironicly I have been to court 17 times and I have won every case except 1 that was a tie and It cost me a dollar. Traffic court I always loved going to battle in a court room and would look forward to it. It was like I knew what was going to hapen before it did.

  11. Page 8

    Okay I read what I just put down and it sounded like I was a really Bad Driver. I only have 1 case in court that was the tie and it was not a driving issue, it was for a safety sticker.violation It was actually my first case and even though I won the judge had to fine me something because technicaly I was in violation. All the other cases were for everything under the sun and I was both a plantive and defendant through the years. Even had 2 judgee thank me and told me I did a much better job then alot of the attorneys that go before him. I just want to say that I am a very good driver for the record, The next thing that I found out about this Physic thing is that the more pressure that I am under, the stronger my ability to see things. At the end of my divorce, everyday lasted for 2 because I was reliving everything. Funny thing, not really, but I knew the day my spounce slepted with there friend and I guess you might say the marriage ended at that moment. I kinda of became a lost soul for a couple of years. I found the toughest Biker Bar and would go a couple of times a week. Soon it was 3 or 5 and next thing you know I was spending a lot of time there like almost daily. I am not an alcolhic, but I would go for the entertainment. What a show they can put on. Well I was there about everyday

  12. Page 9

    or maybe 8 days a week. Any way my birthday rolls around and something said not to go. That night a guy was murdered where I usually sit. Good planning on my part?? Luck of the Draw?? or something else, guess we will never know. I went in the next day, I was the only person in there other then the bar tender. She said she was so happy to see me and please sit down. I said I would come back when your not so busy. What really was happening was death threats were being made against the bar and she was more then a little afraid. No sooner then the words left her mouth and the phone rings. She picks it up and listens for a moment and puts it back down without saying a word. I asked what was that all about, and the bartender said that it was someone that was coming over to kill everyone in the place. I looked around and didn’t see to many wanting to take a bullet for me and the bartender said you can’t leave. Here is a free drink. All right, did she really think I would be so stupid to think my life was only worth a couple of bucks. Damn how did she know me that well.? I went out to the car and got a .45 and came back in to enjoy my free beer where I could sit back and relax. I did move to the other end of the bar farthest from the door to feel a little safer.

  13. Man do I make a lot of mistakes. You would think I would use Spell Check, but I am running Windows 1963.spelling was invented yet, you can just spell them like they sound. I was just over at where I usually hang out and some one mentioned that Marion Barry former mayor of DC with the drug problem is no longer with us at the age of 78. One of the guys said they were going to cremate his body and it would have a street value of 2.5 million. Got to love the boys over there. The word that began with the letter g that I butchered is glimps, dang that doesn’t look right either. I will have to look that one up and get back with you..

  14. Looked it up, it is GLIMPSE. I forgot the rule of E after S when used after P in a word that starts with a G. What was I thinking and how could I have forgotten that rule? I will blame my HS English teacher, yeah that’s it. It must be there fault or is it their fault. Okay, I am drained after that, and this time I am having the Dog “Put Me Out”.

  15. Hello Laura I feel I may be 1/3 or so into this story and and was wondering if you would answer a few questions about my work? I was and still am a little confused by your word format. As you can probably tell, this is really my first story that I can remember writing since grade school. To me it is a rough draft. I can see that you usually never put any thing on the net in a rough form, so is what I am doing alright? I never really think 4 or 5 words ahead of what I am about to say. I also probably have not erased 30 words in this whole story. The run on sentences and not the proper tense through the sentence is a give away but I feel it is sometimes more important to get the imediate thought down and clean up the proper stuff later. Your thoughts of how I am doing?? Second, your as long as it does not negitivly effect my self or someone in the story, it is alright to put down. What if a reader gets a positive effect, but their positive effect gives someone a negitive effect. That has me worried alittle. I am not trying to have anyone hurt with this story and I am trying to keep it anonymous as possible, but I think you can see what I mean. Also I would like to ask a quick muiltple guess series of questions to see what you are thinking so far. I will give you a few to see what you think.

    1. In your eyes is this an A a love story, or B. just a story?
    2. does this appear to be a A nonfiction or B a fictional story?
    3. what movie would you think it most closely patterns so far
    You Got Mail
    The French Kiss
    When Harry met Sally
    Sleepless in Seattle
    non of the above. or maybe
    To Hell and Back
    Thanks for the Blog space, this is kind of fun. I never got to quiz a teacher before

    1. I answer to your questions:
      1. B. Just a story
      2. A. nonfiction, though it could certainly pass for fiction
      3. It doesn’t pattern any of these movies to me

      I’ll answer more on another comment.

  16. Hello Laura This is a test reply. I have left 4 replys that disappeared and did not know if you ran out of Band Width on your blog, or if you went out of town for T day or they some how got nuked, or ??? Just wondering what happened and how far you were able to read. When you approved the last 2, there were actually 4 or 5 there and I thought it strange that only 1/2 were approved. So that is why I thought maybe it was a band width thing on your site.

    1. Page 10

      This point in my life with starting a new business from scratch and the break up of my marriage let me access this “remote viewing” or knowing what will happen come to me in full strength. The stress somehow promoted the ability for the process to come to me. One thing that I knew was that I had to be directly involved with an incident to know what will happen. During this time period there was a mysterious disappearance of a high school couple in my area. They went for prom night and vanished off the face of the earth. The total time of not knowing there where abouts probably was around 2 to 3 weeks, but it was in the news all the time for such a strange thing to happen. For some reason I knew just about exactly what happened but did not really know if I should put forth my thoughts to law enforcement or just let it play out. My “ex” was calling about everyday to talk and trying to get back together. We would talk for an hour or so about the latest news and what ever else was going on in our lives. They wanted to know why we should not get back together, and I said because of you sleeping with your work buddy. They would promply denie they ever did and I would just say I thought other wise. I felt the missing couple was under water in one of the lakes surrounding our area for flood control. I even drove by a few of these lakes, but knew instantly it was not the right one(s). A Friday evening rolled around and I just tolded my ex all the things I felt. Which way the vechicle was traveling, and other very exact things that I just felt. My ex said I should go the the authorities and tell them what I know. I said, and it just came to me at that moment, “it doesn’t make any difference, they will find them tomorrow morning” That ended the conversation and yeah, they found the car the next morning. What bothered me was why I was intune with what was going on with this incident. I did not know the people involved, so that really bothered me. Several years later the answer came to me when I found out I had become very good friends with the parents of the daughter lost in the tragic event. When I say very good friends, I mean over for T day and Christmas some years. I even discussed with them one evening what I went through and they told me the story from their end. Enough years had passed and we could talk about it with out breaking down. Never brought it up again with them, but the part with needing a connection came through, it was just over a dozen years down the road from when it happened till when we became friends.

  17. Hello Laura. I really appreciate your feed back. When I finished page 9, I too was some what confused by what I had just written. I read it and almost nuked it myself because it was something I had not thought about in a LOOONG time. It was more like I was relieving it and it somewhat bother me to see how a different segment of our population interact then what we are use to. They live in there own little world and have a very tight circle they run with. I was around them for over 2 years and never came close to being apart of what you would consider a friend to any of them. There favorite thing to do was when Thursday night rolled around, they would gather around the TV to see if the knew who would be featured on crime stoppers for the week. The scary part was, 75% of the time they knew the person. One other interesting side note is that there were a group of people that would somewhat inter related with them on just the outside edges of their world. Through the course of time and looking for something to do, I asked two of them if they would like to do something other then the bar scene. The 1st person said they would love to and gave me a phone number to call them for the next Saturday to do something. I called them and all of a sudden they said they really should not do anything with me. I thought it was strange that they changed their mind and the answer is almost unbilievable. They were getting married next week and moving to St. Louis, so her friends and family did not think it would be a good ideal to go out with me. DAH, this person couldn’t think that through on their own a few days before when they wanted to go out. The 2nd person thought I was someone their friends had put me upto to play a joke on them. I knew neither person was the right one so it was time to move on to greener pastures. The altercation on my birthday was a death nail for the bar and it closed down a few months after it happen. I guess that was the closing of that chapter of my life and I started feeling better about things.

  18. Page 11

    The other reason why I was unable to “see” or know what lake they would be found in also became apparent. It was a lake that was being built, so it was filling with water and I did not even know it existed. When you expierence something like that, and it all plays out, it just knocks the wind out of you, You are not sure what to do or even feel by what you went through, but you certainly never forget it.

    After my learning curve from the bar scene, I knew and was ready for finding and meeting people to move my life forward. The only thing I could think of (other then bars) was to try and meet someone through sports. I never did any sports in school and really never gave my self any time to enjoy that hobby till this time in my life. The only sport that I was interested in was tennis and actually my ex got megoing with that. In turn I got my brother interested and we spent alot of time interacting with the game. I thought maybe I should join the tennis league, and he said, you don’t want the tennis league, you want this sports club that has all kinds of different sports and PARTYS,
    After a week or two thinking about it, I got an appliciation form and sent it in. Signed up for the tennis league and soon became friends with a same sex member. Now just a minute, that almost sounded like I am only playing with people on the same team, not that there is any thing wrong with that. No actually there is something wrong with that, and trust me I am not one of those. The interesting thing was that my friend who I inccidently beat for the 1st place trophy was in a line of work that had many available members of the opposite sex follow them around. They worked for the phone company and they would call me up and say I had to meet them at the local pick up place to take some of the pressure off of them. Believe it or not, I would tell them, I was only interested in blondes, even though I wasn’t. I just felt that my Mr. Right was going to be one for some reason. It was like a confusing gray area stemming back to my high school days. What I did learn was I knew the person who I was suppose to meet had dozens of specific things I already knew about them or so I thought because they would just come to me.
    I can remember one Friday night where my friend and I were sitting in a booth and in walks 4 members of the opposite sex and sat down with us. One of our guests was an 11 when you are grading on a 1 to 10 scale. They also did not work for the phone company like the others. The bothersome part they had beautiful dark hair and a little to tall. They had the complete package and they seemed very interested in me. The bad part, why is there always a downside? I felt they had a health issue that was life threatening. The last thing I wanted was to fall in love with some one who I would loose. The others had left and just the two of us made small talk for a few minutes. I needed to use the rest room and returned in just a couple of minutes, While I was gone, 3 members came over to ask my new friend to go out. It was blocked with bodies so bad I could hardly make it back into out booth when I returned. I sat down, chased off the would be suiters and my new friend hands me a bussiness card so I would be sure to call them to go out. I asked my tennis friend a couple of days later about this person and the chance of an illness. They confirmed the condition and I could never bring myself to use that business card I was handed. Not really sure what I learned about my self, but it did enforce my desire to find the Right One. My tennis friend thought I would not go out with this person because of their hair color, I guess I used it as an excuse because I was to embarressed to talk about the pain I would have felt if I would have started a relationship with them only to have to watched them die.

  19. Page 12

    I soon realized that this club that revolved around amature sports was an interesting thing to do and meet people. After a session in the Tennis League, I branched out into Shuffle Board, and Volley Ball. SB was very slow but nice. Not much exercise but intertaining. Volley Ball was a whole other story. I was placed on a team with other new members to the club. I was also asked to be a Capt which I agreed to. Most everyone on this team was athletic and a fun type individual that was looking for a good time. We also learned to play the game very well and dominated the field. The best part was after the games that we played where all of the volley ball players from all the different levels would meet at a sports bar for a time of dancing and drinking.My team was actually selected for the winner of the Best Dancer for the club award by the other members. We also became so close we did things on weekends together like movies or fix meals at someone’s house. It was just a rare time when a team would jell into such a great group of individuals.One of the other things we did away from the club was to form are own little tennis league. We picked Wed. evenings to all meet at a large city park to play coed doubles for a couple of hours,and then go out to eat. I was able to get a lot of the players by recruiting off the dance floor from VB. When I called one of these would be players for the first time, the person I was asking told me it sounded like fun, but they would not be Dating anyone from this group. Funny, got shot down before I even asked for a date. My record was almost perfect so far in my life for that area but I knew they were not Mr. Right so it was of little concern. Volley Ball was winding down and our little own tennis league was heating up when I asked what other fun sports should I be interested in playing. SOFTBALL was everyones favorite thing to do. Back in the day our city was the Softball Capital of the world. In this club they had 24 teams with aprox. 14 players on each team. That is one big group of people wanting to have fun on a Sunday afternoon. It also made me believe I was going to be able to find the Right One and bring my search to an end.
    At this moment in my life I was truly a Softball Virgin. I had never even watched a game of softball, let alone played in one. Also I was starting to put a few miles on the odometer but was still in good condition other then my shoulder to throw with. After deciding to play the sport, I thought better get a glove. Went to Target and picked out the smallest one because I thought it would be quicker to get into position to catch the ball. Wrong, a person wants to be one the field with a bushel backet incase you misjudge the angle of the incoming projectile, Hitting came easy for me, I always have had very quick reflexs. Actually the fastest in my highschool with over 500 grads for my year. They gave everyone a test for the time it takes to hit the button when you see the light go on. Funny thing, my oldest son also was the fastest at the same school when they did it to him. I guess sometimes the nut does fall close to the tree.
    One of the guys that we pulled in to play tennis in our little league was also an “A”softball player and would be a coach for the up coming season. He asked me if I had was going to play SB and I said yes but I had never played the game before. Guess what, he did not believe me and he chosed me in the 2nd round of drafting. My God, what was he thinking. We held a couple of practices, and I soon learned what end of the ball to throw, but was a quick learner and had natural athletic ability,or so I was told. Whats that I smell?? New mowed grass on the field.The first day of SB is about to befin.

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    I soon realized that this club that revolved around amature sports was an interesting thing to do and meet people. After a session in the Tennis League, I branched out into Shuffle Board, and Volley Ball. SB was very slow but nice. Not much exercise but intertaining. Volley Ball was a whole other story. I was placed on a team with other new members to the club. I was also asked to be a Capt which I agreed to. Most everyone on this team was athletic and a fun type individual that was looking for a good time. We also learned to play the game very well and dominated the field. The best part was after the games that we played where all of the volley ball players from all the different levels would meet at a sports bar for a time of dancing and drinking.My team was actually selected for the winner of the Best Dancer for the club award by the other members. We also became so close we did things on weekends together like movies or fix meals at someone’s house. It was just a rare time when a team would jell into such a great group of individuals.One of the other things we did away from the club was to form are own little tennis league. We picked Wed. evenings to all meet at a large city park to play coed doubles for a couple of hours,and then go out to eat. I was able to get a lot of the players by recruiting off the dance floor from VB. When I called one of these would be players for the first time, the person I was asking told me it sounded like fun, but they would not be Dating anyone from this group. Funny, got shot down before I even asked for a date. My record was almost perfect so far in my life for that area but I knew they were not Mr. Right so it was of little concern. Volley Ball was winding down and our little own tennis league was heating up when I asked what other fun sports should I be interested in playing. SOFTBALL was everyones favorite thing to do. Back in the day our city was the Softball Capital of the world. In this club they had 24 teams with aprox. 14 players on each team. That is one big group of people wanting to have fun on a Sunday afternoon. It also made me believe I was going to be able to find the Right One and bring my search to an end.
    At this moment in my life I was truly a Softball Virgin. I had never even watched a game of softball, let alone played in one. Also I was starting to put a few miles on the odometer but was still in good condition other then my shoulder to throw with. After deciding to play the sport, I thought better get a glove. Went to Target and picked out the smallest one because I thought it would be quicker to get into position to catch the ball. Wrong, a person wants to be one the field with a bushel backet incase you misjudge the angle of the incoming projectile, Hitting came easy for me, I always have had very quick reflexs. Actually the fastest in my highschool with over 500 grads for my year. They gave everyone a test for the time it takes to hit the button when you see the light go on. Funny thing, my oldest son also was the fastest at the same school when they did it to him. I guess sometimes the nut does fall close to the tree.
    One of the guys that we pulled in to play tennis in our little league was also an “A”softball player and would be a coach for the up coming season. He asked me if I had was going to play SB and I said yes but I had never played the game before. Guess what, he did not believe me and he chosed me in the 2nd round of drafting. My God, what was he thinking. We held a couple of practices, and I soon learned what end of the ball to throw, but was a quick learner and had natural athletic ability,or so I was told. Whats that I smell?? New mowed grass on the field.The first day of SB is about to begin.

  21. Page 12

    Sorry for being gone so long, but had a few issues. I also had sent a long page 12 that got lost in cyber space. I am back a plan on finishing this story so try to bare with me.
    The club that I joined was very exciting and different then anything I was use to. After a session of tennis I signed up for Volleyball and Shuffleboard. Great intertainment and met a lot of nice people. Still on the “Look Out” for the Right One, but kind of starting to give up after all these years of searching and actually never meeting even a person with the exact right first name. Won the shuffleboard trophy and they made me capt. of the V ball team even though I had never played. I can look back and say that the V ball team was probably the most exciting (fun) team I had ever been on till that point in my life. We destroyed the other teams and then finished the night away dancing at the sports bar meeting up with all the other teams till closing. My team even won the “Best Dancer Award” for the time spent gruving to the songs we still love today. The season soon came to the end and we were so far ahead in the standing, another trophy was a given. I asked, so what other team sports should I be looking to play? EVERYONE answered….SOFTBALLDuring the after hours of V Ball, people wanted to get together, so I made up a little tennis league at a city park for Wed. evenings for who ever could make it. Had a lot of fun and one person who was a Jock wanted to make sure I would play softball. I said I guess so, never played before. League formation rolled around and a draft of 20 teams with 14 players each. The Jock (capt.) picked me on the 2nd round and called me to say what a great team we have. I asked why he picked be so early when I have never played, and he just said, quit screwing around. I went out and bought a glove thinking a small one would be faster, so easier to use…Wrong. Game day rolls around and the 2nd 1/3 of my life was to begin. Walking across the parking lot giving me a big smile, I knew we would see more of each other.
    It actually took several weeks before we met again because of so many teams being staggered. It was actually after a game when everyone ended up at Author’s and I knew we would be an Item. Funny thing, they already had someone special and I did not have a clue of anything about them. We danced and I asked for a name and had that feeling I was going to have big changes in my Life, but guess what, still didn’t have the right first name….Oh Well I still knew 80 things about the right person and this person met the phyisical items, except they had very dark hair. Like I said, I was about ready to give up on the “Right One”

    1. Page 13

      What do I smell? well that is new mowed grass on the field as my 1st Softball game ever rolls around. With so many members on a team, many players only get to play for 1/2 a of a game. My coach tells me to sit out the first half and keep book. Now AS GOD IS MY WITTNESS, I did not know you kept a book to play softball. I thought there would be no math today. So there I sit holding a blank book that I have never seen before and I have NOT a Clue of what to do with it. Batters are coming to the plate, I do not know there names, I do not know any symbols for anything. I put an ink line where they hit to, but I put all the players on the first line not knowing about innings. Sometimes I feel like I was born in a closet and never came out., After 3 outs the coach came back to the dugout and looked at the Book. He turns to me after what appears to be chicken scraches all over the fist line and said…Oh My God, you really have never played before. Yep, finally made him a Beaver Believer and thought, this is a little harder then I thought.
      Well, we finished the season but well down in the rankings. I learned a lot about softball, bought another new glove and yeah it was twice the size of my first one and was an item I used for most of my softball career. Can say I learned alot about the game in a short time. They made me a Capt. for the fall session and I took my team to a whole new level, but let us not forget I did meet another player so we had more going on then what happened on the field. Yes, the person in the parking lot comes back into play. Actually had a first date only a week or 2 before the end of the summer season.
      Ahhh, first dates, they are always so special and last a life time. Well lets see, we aranged to go out to eat and I was going to pick them up at 7pm on a Saturday night. Okay, maybe my planning to be out on the river, rafting and sipping beer was not the best predate event I could think up. Some members of the party needed a ride, no I sould say needed a driver to get home. One thing led to another and let us just sum it up to say I was roughly an hour and 1/2 late for the first date. Yes I called first, but my excuse was a little thin. Picked them up and we headed over to a new place in town for an evening of conversation and good dining. Well I guess I was not all that talkative when I was told I hardly said a word and my date had to carry the conversation. Have you ever had a sunburn and enough fluids where you could barely keep your eyes open, let a lone the brightess candle in the room. There thought was I am never going out with this person again, so I can see I was getting into a pattern of liking people that never want to see me again after the first date. Himmm, this is a strange way to have a meaningful relationship. I was forgiven and a 2nd date follow, only I did not realize it was on the night that this other person broke up with their special other. We went to a movie and they fell asleep. Alright now, I may not have talked anyone’s leg off on the first date, but I stayed awake for the whole time. Payback can be a bitch, and a 3rd date was agreeded on.
      Had a great time in the Old Market and things seem to finally be normal as we were now both free agents and enjoys each others company. I still know little to nothing about them but, a least I was on the field and playing.
      The Wed. evening tennis get together was on and my friend would come to join us after they got off work and we were done because we ran out of light. One of the members of our party who was actually a Joke (played football for Nebr.) said lets play shuffleboard at the bar across the way. Also told us how he had never been beat because he did not do so well in tennis and needed a comeback sport. Little did he know of my prowdness on the shuffleboard circuit, ha, ha, and he was soon to be humilated again. We kicked ass and did not need names, but my friend had to leave and the night was wearing down. I brought another person to tennis and needed to drive them home. I walked out to my car and a note was under the wiper of the Mustang. I looked at it and told my rider it was another offer of someone wanting to buy the old rustang, but it was really from my friend wanting me to stop over on my way home. Well my friend did not know I had to take this other person home so again I was running a little be late. That note was also very unique becasue of my lack of understanding the English language, I misunderstood what they had left for me. It said, Stop over later if you want…Love, xxxx. I thought it said, stop over if you want Love, xxxxx. Wow, it really is important to pay attention in HS English class. I showed up more then an hour later, so my friend had already gone to bed. There I stand, knocking on the door and they said, I gave up on you. They took my hand and just walked me into the bedroom. Did not get much sleep that night, but it was very rememberable. When we finally put our heads on the pillow my new love took 2 breaths and was fast asleep. Things were occuring very fast, 1st base to a homerun and I felt great deal of warmth. The next morning, what do I do? I tell my friend about the imaginary person I was looking for most of my life and I go on to tell them 8 or so more very specific details about this person. With everyone I told, there was a nod of the head until the last one. I said this person will be from a small town in SW Iowa, and they smiled and said, will a small town in southern Illonois be close enough, and I said, yeah, sounds close enough to me.

  22. Page 14

    Guess you may say, I moved in that night and never left. We had a lot in common, so a relationship was easy. I did ask for 2 things…Honesty, and if you need to find a replacement for me, have the Balls to tell me to my face before it happens. I always felt a couple can be married by there comittment to each other, not by a piece of paper the Govt. needs to have. If the love is gone, so is the union that holds the two people together. We probably had 95% of seeing things the same way, I knew it wasn’t a match on the 80 things that I thought the Right One had, but they seemed trivial and sometimes for the better. For instance I knew the Right One would be a very good cook, but my spouce was a fantastic chef. So the thing I am trying to say is that one person is not necessaryly better, but different. I had spent part of a life time looking for something, and I could not believe that..1) I should have the power to see ahead in time/life, and 2)what you do find may not be all that bad. The pursuit of a dream/item/goal sometimes just needs to be something out there, but don’t let it consume you. Now comes a strange part, my spouce was also able to have premitnitions and there are moments when we scare each other. One of my most disturbing occured a dozen years later when out son was ready to leave day care and take care of himself for short periods of time. Our day care provider and good friend was the BEST. I started having several days when I felt this overwhelming feeling of death at her house. It realy bothered me, but I never told people what I felt may happen in the future other then my spouce. After several times of things I would think could happen and then it came true kind of made us a little nervous. I asked for help from my spouce as to what I should do and told them of my feelings. My spouce said I should go to them, what if cancer was occuring and by them knowing about it, they could stop it. I made a special trip over to tell our daycare provider of this feeling of death, but I don’t want to alarm you. Wow, doesn’t that contradict itself right there. Had a short discussion and said I have not a clue what causes me to feel the way I do, but maybe your husband has cancer or something, please have him get checked out, I just don’t know what to say, but it feels like I will burst if I did not try to help some how. Less then a week after my meeting, the true came out in a crushing blow. Their teenaged son took his own life. Even today it brings a tear to my eye with the sadness. The funeral was attended by hundreds and the grave side last words left me with an empty feeling I still feel today. You see when the last words were said and every one was standing not really knowing what to do next, the mother started searching the crowd and when she came upon me at about 20 feet away, I could read her lips that said…..The Wrong One.

    1. Page 15

      Alright, already, enough of the sadness in life, let’s get back to what is important in life…SOFTBALL! I coached and played on a lot of great teams in my career. I remember one tournement that had aprox. 24 teams that many had traveled for hundreds of miles to attend. Late in the first day we needed a sub, so asked a player we did not know to help us out. He was good, but more importantly I liked what he brought to the game. His Bat. Yeah, I never used my own bat, but looked upon my self as a good hitter for placement. I played on the same sex league for years and usually batted 1st or 2nd in the line up. For this tournement I grabbed our sub’s bat and got a really nice hit with it. When I returned to our dugout, I said I will give you a hundred dollars for your bat. They said no, it was one they really liked also. Next time I was up, I again got on base, so I upped the amount to $150. My fellow players noticed what I was doing and now started in with our own little game. Everytime I was up the price went up as I could do no wrong. I remember the price was at $500 when we were defeated winning 3rd place against this team the actually players were paid thousands of dollars to play. The guy who invented the touch tone phone must of had money to burn, but he did have one of the best teams money can buy.
      Another time while playing with the sports league, my coach said he had first pick and chose me first round. We actually even won the league that summer. I also remember that I had kept track of my wins in a row no matter what team I played on. Over the course of several months, and a few different teams, I think I had 26 wins in a row before a loss. Unfortunately, if your at the top of your game, the only place you can go is down. Age, pain, all takes a toll.
      Playing on several teams and many that were coed, I had the pleasure to be coached by a person that could have passed for my aunt. She had many of the same features as my dad’s sisters and I brought this up to her one time. I asked where her family was from and it was even close to where my dads relatives from years ago lived. Strange the connection we have/had. I can honestly say her actions by asking a player to sub for her team was going to change my life more then I could ever dream.

      1. Page 16

        Awh yes, dreams. I just realized what today is, Friday the 13th. So I guess most everyone has dreams. I know my dog has them by watching them go after rabbits while they are sleeping. But today is Valentine Eve which we all know leads to the 2nd most popular day for couples to break up on. I guess it could be that people just get their expectations (dreams) set to high. I noticed that sometimes Feb.14 is an all around tough day to survive. Case in point, My first V Day with my 2nd spouse was thoughtfully planned out days in advance. Being a Pisces, we do that because our heads are sometimes in the Clouds. I thought, what could I do to make it a special evening? I know, a Chinese supper at the only 5 star Chinese Rest. I could find. Of course it needs a reservation and it is known for the best food in town. We arrived and after a very short wait were seated. A card table they threw up in the hall way outside the kitchen. Can it get any more Romantic then that! My next issue is a personal preference, as not wanting too spicy of food. I like to be able to taste it, and I also have a theory of why some countries are known for having HOT food, but you probably would wish that I did not tell you after you heard my answer. So I confirm as to what I am ordering is on the mild side and prepare myself for the Best Chinese Meal of my Life. Well it probably ranks at the top for Worst garbage I been ever given. Not even sure what I ordered, it is just a blank hole of wow, so much for the perfect evening.

        Gifts for that special someone can also seem like a disaster. Around 15yrs into Xmas’s together, I was running out of what to get for the sweetums. I needed something as the perfect Stocking Stuffer and racked my brain to come up wiht it. It needed to be something that would last like our love. Not be man made. Be one of a kind. Be able to hold it and show it to others. Something hard to destroy (unbreakable). You know, that item when they look at it that just screams out, LOVE. Well I realize something like this you just don’t find laying around at any store. What could it be…..wait for it….wait for it…have you thought of it like I did? A meterorite. Yeah, or maybe as a ROMANTIC, I should call it a Falling Star. I thought it was perfect. I studied the different ones available and knew I wanted it with a hight nickel iron content. Looked at the shapes and sizes so it could be made into a neckless. Found it on line, ordered it, wrapped it and was ready in time to give as a meaningful, tasteful, best cheap gift ever. The day rolls around and I’m watching there face that tells you what they really think of it when they see it for the 1st time! You know, the look….oh socks, what I always wanted, or WOW this is so neat. Well the look I got was who slipped this cat turd in with my sausage for breakfest. Yeah the upper lop turned up and everything. You just can’t hide more joyful emotion then that. Now thinking back, maybe I was in my own little world when I thought that up, but man did I try. Now it gets better. I noticed it was carefully slipped away never to be seen again so I would once in a while ask if they wanted to do something with it? Oh…I would love to wear it, but no way to fasten a chain to it. I remained quiet and the next year trying to think of a gift, Hey…I know, I will have a nice gold wire wrapped around it. So I again give it as a gift ready to be used with the gold wire and I can see by the “look”, again I was a dismal failure. Now I can’t help but think if maybe I was getting confused by thinking what the Right One would think of it?, or am I so warpped, that a person really would not look upon that as a neat gift. What would you think if you received such a gift? Guess somedays I can just be a Box of Rocks and miss by a mile. I am like that alot. Somethings are so minute in detail that I see it perfectly, while other things are slapping me in the face and I completely miss them… Wondering what St. Valentine’s day will be a hit or will it be a St. Valentine’s day Massacure? So did I really miss it by that far as a gift??

  23. Well, I survive the St. Valentine Day Massacre with just one little item you may find interesting. After thinking back to our first St. Valentine Day meal together, my spouse remembered everything that happened except what resturant it occured at. Got me thinking, maybe enough years had passed so we were ready to give the Chinese another chance but at a different place. We both agreed so I said you pick it. What can go possibly wrong at a buffet? Well, let me tell you. A new to us but it has been around for a while. We were seated and I grab a plate and head for the salad bar. It was arranged in order, so I load up with lettice and start working my way around the island throwing tibets on as needed. I end up in front of the last toppings and while trying for a few black olives, I start to notice my eyes watering. After a few moments I am now ready for the dressing. I am a French kind of person so when I see their selection of oil/vin., ranch, and finally the French I was somewhat taken back by such a limited selection. I load up on the French and noticed it was just a little thicker then normal. Strange, but dismissed it with out really giving it a 2nd thought. I am now walking pass one of the gals that put the food selections in place and she looks at my salad and smiles. I thought, awh, friendly service people and hit my seat to get the pre dinner out of the way. After all, I did not work my way to the top of the Food Chain to only eat salad. Took one bite and knew instantly why she smiled earlier. I fell for their trap of putting ketchup in with the salad dressing containers. Well, I can say it is nice to know that ketchup can be used as a dressing when you are in a pinch.

    I am also hoping to get a reply on how far I missed on the meteorite/falling star gift. Anyone, please give me a reply on just how far I missed it by.

  24. Page 17

    The years passed by and the afternoon Sunday softball league had fewer and fewer members sign up to play. From 24 teams with 14 players for each, we could hardly make 6 to 8 teams with only 10 players. With only 10 players, chances are good not everyone will show up to play. You can still play with 9, but with only 8 players yon have to forfeit. True, you can pull players off other teams, but usually they are all taken. This problem is very pronounced when it is mid summer and many players are on vacation.
    My team was doing well until this one faithful afternoon when it went up against the person’s team that I mentioned earlier that she could have been my aunt from her physical looks and actions. My dad had 5 sisters and she was a ringer for a couple of them. Anyway, being short for players, this coached had asked a player that she had played with on a coed team to sub. I noticed right off the new player so I went over to ask a couple of questions. You need to be 21yrs. or older and this player looked like high school age at best. I was assured they were way older then there looks, and it did not bother me because she was using an inexperianced player. Well…Don’t judge a book by its cover. My first time up to bat I thought, I think I will drop one in front of them and trot to first base. WRONG…Out of no where they turn on their “afterburners” and come sliding in on their knees to make a great catch. Never saw anything like that before, so I walked back to the dugout talking to myself and wondering just what exactly happened. My next time up to bat, I thought, well let’s see if they can run one down as I hit up the middle which would again nomally get me on base. Sure enough, they got their little legs moving and plucked it out of the air. Dang, shot down twice, what the heck is going on? I go back to the dugout, to see exactly who this new player could be. I looked down at the lineup and here was the 5 letter first name that the “Right One” from so many years ago was to have. Naturally I dismissed it, it was not that uncommon of a name, surely the Love Gods would not play such a cruel joke on me. I was happy with my marriage, was as in High School, I did not want to be even dating when I found this other person.
    The game proceded and this time up, I swung a little early and went to right center where I got on, but soon it was inning over. It was a quick game, because my team lost BIG Time. Our coach said…play where ever you would like to play, so we had a mix match of skill to positions and soon was crushed. What happened next was very unusual. After the game is over, the two teams line up and give each other, high fives. Now as luck would have it, I was the last player on my team, and the “Right One?” was the last player on there team. As we High Fived, they turned there butt and I swatted it with my glove as to say…nice job. They spun around and said “Dorthy, your to old for me” Yeah, I was taken back because that was the first time in my life someone had ever told me that, even though it was true, but I was also happy in my relationship. Dang, looked like I just struck out, and I did not ever know I was at bat.

  25. Hello Laura……. Just wanted to see if you found page 18, or if I will need to rewrite it? I sent it around March 1 and it was back when you were changing over your format for your web, even though I do not really know what Format really means. Anyway, take a look around, you found page 12 after a couple of months and I noticed we have actually 3 page 12’s in the story. So while your looking, I will tell a short story on what I will call a TEACHABLE Moment. Been married several years and a few years into the marriage, I thought it was time for the spouse (notice I spelled Spouse correctly) to learn how to drive a stick shift car or truck. They explained how their first spouse tried to teach them to drive and it did not end well. With this knowledge I took a 66 fastback Mustang with a 4 speed transmission to a parking lot that had a grocery store yet to open. Plenty of room, what could go wrong. Actually not much went wrong, the Stang had enough Horse Power to start off in 3rd gear, so things were very forgiving. Anyway lesson went well, but they still had NO Desire to drive a stick shift car. Now we fast forward to last month when a wild Mallard Duck is chasing off two boy Ducks, I think they are called Drakes in my front yard. The next day my neighbor calls and said…”did you see the ducks? and I said yes, and he said, well they made a nest next to my front door porch by my sidewalk.. ” Seems we have 9 eggs. Fast forward about 2 weeks and my spouse and I are coming home from antiquing with a truck load of treasures. They were driving so I said, please back up to the garage/front door to unload them. All my years of knowing my spouse, they would ever/never want to back our car into anything.. …so a teachable moment has now presented itself to us. I told them they could do it, no pressure, it is just like going forward, but you use your mirrors to see. Well to my surprise, they did it with little complaining and it was a nice job. A few days later, we needed to clean out the trunk for a road trip, or should I say, Family Vacation. I casually mentioned, dear why not back into the driveway to clean out the trunk. Again they now had the confidence to make it go smoothly. Mission completed. so the next series of events is somewhat baffling to me. Sure maybe a beer was consumed, but as God is my Witness I did not see this coming. We come home from the grocery store and without me so much as saying a word, I hear…”Watch this,” In the flash of an eye we were heading backwards toward the driveway. My spouse had all the confidence anyone could hope for as they went into the backing pattern. A moment later, dang if we were not but a few feet into the front yard heading toward a tree and Harley. I said STOP. And they said what is wrong?. I said, and I really did think it was funny at the time…I want to move the Duck Nest. There goes that look again. They knew we were along way off from driving through the neighbors yard, and then with a sigh they said, “well how do I get out of here” I causally said, “well we could always drive forward”. Now that was just to simple of a solution and it was almost like I somehow was making fun of the situation. With that they drove forward, and put it back into reverse until they backed far enough up to put the trail hitch through our closed garage door.. Again, I said Stop. Well a small hole was made and it turns out it was the fault of the trailer hitch for sticking out so far from the bumper. So what I guess I am saying….we had a teachable moment but it got lost on the road trip across our front yard.

  26. Hello Laura………Dang, I hate to loose that page, I was really looking forward to reading it the next day so I could see what I was thinking. I was 1/2 asleep when I wrote it, so really not sure what I had written. Oh well, cyber space claims another victim. Also would like to say I like the hair on that new screen shot. Very Nice. As long as this seems to be a natural pause in the story…I would like to ask you if your thoughts on it remain the same as far as…..is it a Love Story or just a Story? Does it seem to be Fact or Fiction? Does it remind you of any movie that you have ever watched?
    Loved the link on 8pts on marriage. I thought that was spot on when they said, Take how the bride feels about him 2 months before the wedding and add that with how she feels a year later. The long term relationship is 1/2 way in the middle. It also had an article on Birth Position on another link, A lot of truth there. Both of my spouses were the baby of the family along with me and I always thought I should/would end up with a first born for a spouse. I still never did get a reply on what anyone thought for the meteorite as a gift. Please don’t make me go through life without finding out how dumb it was, …….or is that it?….It really was that dumb and everyone is too nice to hurt my feelings. Just throw a number out from 1 to 10 if your received it for a gift, I promise my feeling won’t be hurt.

  27. I awoke last night at 3am, and my mind was in the thinking mode. The month of August had a great deal of time spent on the question of “how is it possible to see into the future”. With the thousands of incidents that have occurred through my life, I do not believe the word is “if it is possible, but how”. I turned to the hive at the web site I hang out where we have had very intelligent discussions in the past and asked the question. One individual is always quick to chime in and is at the top of the IQ scale for the people that hang out there. We had several days of discussion and it circled around Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Relativity. If you believe in QM, then the next big belief is that everything has already occurred to what we see as the future, so yes we can be getting “feed back” on it before it takes place in our understanding of time. Sooo with that in mind I asked the final question of “so the future can not be changed.” Yes or No? A direct question to our expert in the field. His answer somewhat waffled in my opinion but the next individual spoke up and said QM dictates that (it cannot be changed), which had become my conclusion.
    I would also like to take this time to say it is hard for me to write and never have very much feedback. I did not think it would make any difference, but it does to me. I guess it is the “teacher” in me that needs to know if I am going in the right direction, or if any questions need to be cleared up. A couple of weeks ago, I spent 2 days with an old friend in a training exercise. We have periods between training that we are forced, in a interesting way to interact on what is going on in our lives. I have known this RN for probably 15yrs and we do this every couple of years, so they know my personal life better then most, probably even members of my own family. I told them about the story I am writing and they looked it up and read it. I found that many parts were already known to them from talking years ago about our lives. I asked why they did not leave a comment and they said they never do. I also realize what was said at the beginning about negative impact on people in the story and I could see how that may also play a part. So with this in mind I will rewrite page 18, which will probably be one page that has played a very large impact on my life, that I have kept inside for so many years.

    1. Hello Laura……Guessing my page 18 is gone forever, and I wonder if maybe a higher being is trying to tell me something as my life would be better if the story is never finished. I remember what you said so many months ago about “as long as the story does not negatively impact anyone”, but being the block head that I am and pushing for the facts of my weird life to come out as they actually happened, I will rewrite page 18, and let the Chips Fall as they May. I be fully awake and of my senses and the following is how I remember what happened. Also make a note that this is Friday, Sept. 11 as I write this page of my life, not really sure why I brought that up, just thought I should so that if a Loved One is beating me over the head with a bat, maybe it would give me a “Get Out of Jail” card.

      1. Page 18 ….rewritten

        The summer softball league was coming to an end. This new sub with the name that I looked for, for so many years showed up a couple of more times for the Sunday afternoon games. I knew nothing to little about this player, but had a weird feeling that just would not let go. With the ending of the league, things were forced to “let go” because how I had mentioned so early in this story….as in high school, I did not date because I did not want to be in a relationship when I met the “Right One”. You could probably say I was afraid to find out anything more, because I was committed in a Loving Marriage and relationship.
        Softball was dying through this Sports Club as the teams were harder and harder to put together for Sunday afternoons. The following year rolls around and I get a phone call from the coach who could double as one of my aunts asking me if I would like to play for her city team on weekday evenings. Would I, you bet, I can honestly say that playing softball has held some of the Best Memories of my life. Just something about the game and players that makes it a Great Thing to Do. I play with this team all season and the coach invites everyone from all her different teams for a Year End Party at her house which is basically a TailGate Party on Steroids. As luck would have it, my spouse has already booked us for another outing with a close friend so we decided to attend both functions.
        Really had not given much thought to the “Right One?” in the last few months so maybe that is why it hit me so hard. The surprise of seeing them sitting on the driveway for the 1st time in months and not wearing softball cloths really hit me Hard. I mean knock the wind out of you Hard. Remember many pages back when I was sitting in the bar and I rated a person I was talking with on a scale of 1 to 10? Well back then I gave that person a 11 or 12, The person on the driveway would be rated by me at a 13. Off the charts so to speak. The evening was pleasant and a scavenger hunt road game was played which my coach(aunt) had placed me with the “Right One?” on the same team with 2 others. Turned out our team won the silly game, so afterwards I sat next to the “Right One?” and asked a few not to personal questions. Yep, just as I feared, things were falling into place as the 80 specific things I knew about them, fell into place. A couple of items did not though, (last name and hair) so it was still an iffy situation for conclusive proof. It was time to move on to the next party that I promised my spouse I would go to so we left early in the evening. A funny thing did happen as we were walking to our SUV. My spouse commented on the Good Looks of you know who, and after being with my spouse for so many years, I found it very unusual, for they never ever had commented on how people look. Looks are important, but there is a lot more to a relationship then just the mere outside appearance of someone to have a happy life together. All I knew was “WOW” did I just meet an amazing person.

        1. Yes, there is a little more to my story, but thought I would just jot down some feelings that have been swimming around in the old brain. Been reading and listening to other people’s play list for music and was just thinking about what I would put down if I was to make a list. I am more of a random listener on the radio, so I never usually go to the trouble of putting in a favorite CD because I guess I like to be surprised by the next song that pops up. BUT if I was going to make a list I would start with a song that I heard so many years ago that it felt like it was written for me and my life. I first heard this song while driving the sandhills of Nebraska on a 2 lane road where I had not passed another car for the last hour. It was right around sundown and I was traveling north soaking up what ever I could get on the radio when this came on. RUNNING ON EMPTY by Jackson Browne. Yeah, first time I heard it, thought that would be a good song to play at my funeral to sum up my life. For some reason, it just grabbed me and became a part of me.
          When it comes to Love Songs, I think probably one of the best, actually let me give you two. The first one by Eric Clapton called YOU WERE WONDERFUL TONIGHT, and the 2nd one by the Association called CHERISH. Then to give a couple of more that seem to be a part of my life I would want to add…CAUGHT UP ON YOU by the 38 Special and maybe HERE I GO AGAIN by White Snake. Just thought this was something I wanted to put down for the Millions of Readers for Ever Time if you know what I mean.
          I feel some Big Changes just around the corner for so many lives, not really sure what I should be doing. Family, Friends, Loved Ones, I guess that is what it really boils down to when you look at the big picture.

          1. Page 19

            A new season starts up and the “Right One?” starts subbing on the team I was on when ever needed. It became very interesting as I would fine out info about them that fell into place. It was almost unreal that something like this could happen. This was way off the charts for common logic, and I always thought of myself as a Very Logical person. I can honestly say that if someone was telling me what I lived through or what happened to me, I would find it more then just a little hard to believe if it did not happen to me personally. This story just seems weird, but at the same time, I have heard of stories from famous people that have had strange things that came true in their lives. From Sharon Tate to Abraham Lincoln, they have had some really crazy things happen about what they saw was to happen in the future. All I knew was a few more seasons rolled around and this person even became a full time player so that with having contact every week really started to push my BUTTONS. I really did not know what to do, so I did something that goes against the grain. I was falling for this person and it felt so Right, but I knew with my comitments it was Wrong. I asked a close relative to go on a date with this person. I wanted the best for my relative and knew this was one amazing person, so I guess I figured it could be a happy ending. I asked the Right One if they would like to go out with my relative, and the answer blew me away. They said YES, but only if it did not effect our relationship with each other, I never thought of us having a relationship at this point, but it really made me think, WOW this person is so caring and considerate of others.
            They went on an afternoon date and looking back, probably because it was just something to do to kill a few hours and to make me happy. I asked my relative how it went and they said that I was in love with one of them and it was not my relative. I guess that really slapped me into finally realizing just how obvious it was for my feelings were toward the Right One.

  28. Page 20

    A new softball season rolls around and the Right One will once again be playing as a regular. I was going through a time and not seeing eye to eye with my spouse. It seems like all my spouse wanted to do was work, and I figured we had done enough of the work thing and need to kick back and enjoy. Actually the work was really starting to effect my spouse’s life, they were doing 2 jobs for some reason. I think there slant on looking at things was starting to get distorted so I did to me was the Un-Thinkable. I asked the Right One if they would like to get together for a meal or movie. Not really sure what, but I knew I needed to talked with someone before I went Crazy.
    I called the Right One and asked if they would like to go out. Again I was floored by their kind response and eagerness. Seems like in the past, who ever I was asking would say well maybe next week, or yeah I guess if nothing better comes along. But the Right One seemed excited and I guess that hadn’t been a feeling I received from someone in a Long Time. The next day we had a game together and again the Right One wanted to make sure I would not Stand Them Up. WOW this is a switch from what I had been around, what a pleasant surprise.
    We got together the following day for a meal and small talk just to see where we were both coming from. Went for a ride after that and had a very nice time. The Right One had a ball game later that evening and it actually fell on the evening that my coach was holding her July 4 party. We did make plans for a movie 3 days later.
    3 Days later roll around and we meet up for the movie. The Right One had lost an Uncle, and even with the turmoil of relatives staying at there house, they still would not break the date for our movie. That evening they had another softball game that I went to as a fan. I watched the Right One play, but I had the strangest feeling coming over me. I was afraid to talk to them, because I was getting ready to leave for a 3 week trip with my spouse the next day, I was falling fast and knew that if they encourage me what so ever, I may have had to cancel my trip which I could not do to my spouse. Felt like I was already being forced to make a decision and I had not even told the Right One the story of how I had been looking for them most of my life, and I had not told my spouse about the Right One. I was also looking forward to the trip to sort things out and try to find out what was really happening in my marriage.

    1. page 21

      We pack up and take off on a 3 week road trip to explore the west coast of the US. Seems like we were at “each other’s throats” and I was wondering how things had gotten so out of hand. My spouse had been talked into a part time 2nd job that was really racking up the stress and taking up all of our free time together. I guess I was thinking, why be married if you never spend any time together? With the addition of possibly finding the “Right One” I became more and more confused with my life.
      The first day of the trip starts off, and I do not think we could say a nice word to each other if we wanted to. 2nd thing I noticed, the car air conditioner would kick off when going up a hill because of the stress for the heat of the landscape and extra work the car engine needed to do. We pull into a camp site in SW WY. and felt like we were traveling the OR. Trail like our ancestors once had. That evening we were finally talking to each other for the first time in months. Things were still tense, but we were communicating. The next day, July 4th, our anniversity, we needed to cross the Great American Desert, and did we all remember our Fxxking Air Conditioner was not working but 1/2 the time? The other part of the equation was that it was the hottest day ever recorded for that part of the country…..EVER. I did not know or wanted to be a part of that record, but it was out there waiting for us. It gave me new insight of what our pioneers went through.
      We pulled into Reno and were wondering what other records were waiting for us. We both felt like two drowned rats from our sweat and road rage we just been through. Yeah, let’s build camp at a Hotel tonight or become another victim of the elements. Just knowing that we survived it was something to tell the grand kids someday.

      1. Page 22

        Next day was a New day and we decided to drive to Virginia City and check out the old town. Nice shops, bars, and a interesting place to visit. Back on the road and off to Lake Tahoe. Yeah, that is what I am talking about, plenty of Rocks and Trees for us to enjoy and love the water and streams. You may say, that is all I am looking for to spend my time playing in. I Love the outdoors. Next stop was my spouse’s aunt that lives in a small mining town from the Gold Rush days. What a lovely lady and family. Everyone hit it off and had a very enjoyable time with dinner out. Felt like back to normal when we hit our motel for the night.
        That evening while laying in bed, I asked the open ended question in general that was……Do you want to stay married. I figured my spouse must have been wondering the same thing after what the first few days of the trip seemed like. Now that they were relaxed, thought we could have a meaningful conversation on the subject. Wrong, it was like a small bomb went off, guess they did not see that coming. Really…..So then the answer I heard was somewhat of a surprise but not un expected. They said…write me a check for xxx and I will leave. I didn’t say a word, because all of a sudden, I thought well maybe it was all about money after all. We went to sleep and the next morning they said, “I didn’t ask for enough did I”? They now raised the price by 60%. Again I did not say anything, but I was getting more positive which way things were headed.
        New day and we were off to the south end of Napa Valley to meet up with my daughter and her BF to travel together for a few days. Not much said about the little bomb I set off the evening before, and all of a sudden it felt like old times. Seeing the kids and exploring the wine country was great. Had a lovely picnic at one of the vineyards. I so LOVE picnics. My spouse was acting normal and a good time was had by all. Next stop, Red Wood country with a chance of meeting Big Foot.
        Wow, I am always amazed by those trees, but face it. Those are some Big Ass Trees compared to what we have back home. We camped right underneath one so when morning came, we could look out through the tent window straight up for a beautiful sight. That evening we made camp early so we could sit around the fire and enjoy the out doors.

        1. Page 23

          While sitting around the camp fire I learned the Law of the Wild. Not but a few yards from us as dusk was upon us, a low deep growl came from the bushes not more then 40 feet from where we were sitting. Everyone heard it as I could see the eye contact and then a longer louder growl with movement of the branches came next. With out a word spoken, my 3 campmates were running down the road at the quickest speed I have ever seen anyone move. As I sat there, it then sunk in, you do not have to be the fastest in the group to survive, you just can’t be the slowest. They ran toward the cars and turned back as to watch what animal was going to eat me. Nothing ever appeared so I was spared a painful death, but I did learn that evening who my friends were. Everyone had a good laugh, but in the back of our minds we wondered what it was and slept with one eye open all night.
          Daughter and BF had to return to LA, so it was back to just the two of us for the rest of our trip. Went over to Crater Lake and then back to the coast following Highway 1 when ever possible. Viewed the Light Houses and took a Helo Ride, so it was good times for most of the trip from then on. It was like I got them away from work long enough to return to normal, but later they confessed that they had made up their mind to save the marriage. You may say they could do no wrong for the rest of the trip. Now this is getting confusing as I just experienced the two different sides of someone in such a short amount of time. I can tell you the Right One was weighing heavy on my mind as we closed out our trip to Yellowstone and on home.

          1. Page 24

            I have probably been to Yellowstone 10 times total in my life. I remember the first time while up there, a visitor was killed by a buffalo close to where we were staying. Since then, I noticed that just about every time I visited the park, someone was killed by a buffalo while we were there. I was beginning to see a pattern that said, dang those Big old buffalos could be dangerous.
            We drove in the west gate and headed for the normal sight seeing spots. Old Faithful was right on time and headed on down to Yellowstone lake for a look see and campground. Campgrounds usually fill up quickly in the summer so it was getting doubtful if maybe we would even get one. Pulled in, sure enough all camp sites filled but one, so I place my funds in container and marked the spot without even seeing it yet. As luck would have it, it was getting dark and a thunder storm was rolling in. I got out and looked the camp ground over and noticed some bark removed from the tree next to where I had chosen to put our tent, but other then that everything looked great. The storm was rolling in off the lake and lightening strikes were heavy and hard. We stayed in the car until after it blew over, but out of the corner of my eye, I noticed an old bull buffalo standing at the edge of our campground. Thought he was just walking by and thought if the lighting gets any worse we may be having buffalo jerky. I could catch a glimpse (dang, I remembered how to spell it right) of his body with every flash of light, but soon he was no where to be seen. Storm over, buffalo gone, time to set up tent and make camp. Put that tent up about 4 feet from the tree with the bark gone on one side, probably removed by careless campers. Two maybe three o’clock in the morning, I heard some strange grunting noise and now the tent starts to shake. When I was 16 yrs. old I had taken a trip to Yellowstone by my self for a couple weeks. I had my CJ5 Jeep and one night had a black bear lift up my tent flap looking for food. The only thing that saved me was I burned a Coleman latern and I removed the food from my tent. I did not want to leave it in the Jeep and loose a new canvas tops to a bear, so I put everything in the cooler and wedged it under the seat to a picnic table. Well it took maybe 3 sec. for the bear to figure out where it was, and one swipe of his paw knocked the cooler out and open for him to enjoy. Probably can say I had a flash back to those earlier days and thought, this could be bad. Then it all came together in my mind as I realized the Old Bull came back, and my tent was 4 feet from his favorite scratching tree and his 5 foot wide body. After only a minute or two, seemed like all night, he moved on. The noise from my heart beating probably scared him away. Made it through the night, but was counting my lucky stars he didn’t attack my red and gray tent for sport. The next morning, I could clearly see this was his favorite place to hang out…..and oh, maybe that is why no one took the campground spot in the day time.

  29. Page 25

    Having survived the bison rubbing on our tent, it was time to break camp and head east for the 1000 miles left to get home. As Willie said in his song…on the road again, can’t wait to get on the road again. Heading for Cody Wy. and then the Big Horn Mts. what could possibly go wrong. Spent most of the day working to the Big Horn’s and thought we would cross more toward the south end. Stop at a few look out points along the way and then noticed as we crossed over the pass a thunder storm following us from the west. Soon small pops of hail hit the windshield and I turned to my spouse and said, I think I can outrun this. Well my spouse is not a fan of roads with sharp curves and small guard rails. Now they became more nervous as I gripped the steering wheel ready to make my dissent. They grabbed my right arm and said, you know how you always told me not to get full coverage on this older Mustang? I said Yeah, Well we have full coverage so let it hail.
    Less then a mile in distance was traveled and the skies opened up. No let me restate that. The skies exploded with hail the size of golf balls and growing in size. I am not talking a hail stone here or there. I am talking probably the worst storm I have ever been in. I said quick, cover your head, I think they will be coming through the convertible top soon. When we pulled off the road to wait the storm out we noticed that a Corvette was also parked doing the same. When the storm finally broke and we were ready to leave with our nicely dented car we noticed we could hardly move. The hail was piled so deep we were almost high centered. Ha Ha, the Vet was high centered and could not move as he spun his tires. I left him stranded and I would have said in My Dust, but not much dust was available to leave him in. We worked our way back to the main road and it being July and all you would never guess what we encountered? Well maybe you did, yep, Snow Equipment to plow the road. Let state again…..SNOW Equipment in the middle of July, in use. Just a few short weeks ago we had the highest temps ever recorded, now we have snow removal for the ice. I checked my head just to make sure a hail stone did not get me. Nope, so back on the road again.
    Heading for Sundance Wy. to find a motel and call it a day. Well seems they were having a Corvette Car Show in town so we end up at a low end motel. Pay back I figured for leaving him along the road back up on the mountain. Oh well should be able to get a good nights sleep. We get to our room and saw something I had not seen in 30 years…..a Real Coil Spring Mattress on the bed. The next few hours….I wish…is on the Porn Edition of this story as we learned what can be done with real coil springs. Boy they are bouncy. Morning came, and those damn springs were still wanting to bounce, no need for quarters in this bed. Heading for the Black Hills and bikers that travel there this time of year.

  30. Page 26

    Aw Yes…..the Black Hills. Nice rocks, pine trees, and mix that with a million bikers and beer, what could possibly “Go Wrong”? Well actually I have been there a few times and can say very little Bad Shit happens from what I can tell. In the past, we have Camped at the Buffalo Chip where my spouse said….”Clothing is oppinational” They also removed the doors off of only the women’s restroom stalls, guess they were getting in the way or it helps to speed things up. Oh Well, seems to always be a fun time with something going on.
    500 miles down the road and we will be back home to sort things out. The “Right One” is heavy on my mind, and I really needed to talk to sort things out as which path I should take for the rest of my life. Called them on a Monday, went directly to voice mail, a couple of more times on Tuesday, again voice mail. I knew they were getting the calls, guess they did not want to talk or ?? does a phone really need that much charging?. Again on Wed. and they finally picked up. They said they would be happy to meet up on Friday for lunch. We met and for some reason seeing them again really hit me Hard. It was like this is what I have wanted all my life. As luck would have it, our time was to be cut short because they were packing to go out of town on vacation for the next 9 days to CO. and they also had a date for that evening. Guess I am not really sure where things are, but things are interesting. For some reason, I had a gut feeling that week we did not have to gather was very important. Almost like it was not time yet.
    My spouse and I are laying in bed together in the middle of the week when the conversation starts off….My co workers say that you have some one else? I do not say anything, Well I told them they were crazy…..you don’t have anyone else do you?? I said, “I guess there could be” not really knowing what the real answer is myself. “Well, Who is it, do I know them?” I said yes, and I released the name. Then a smile came over my spouses face like approval or maybe disbelief After a few seconds, the smile turned into a……”They are nothing but a younger version of myself” followed by “where are they from?.” With those words I knew they were thinking back so many years ago when the person I was looking for was from south west Iowa and my spouse was from southern Illinois. I answered that I was not sure. Well it seems that my spouse knows of the Best Marriage Consular and it was time to see them.

    1. Page 27

      Ah yes, consulares. They can be good or bad, but they are always well paid for the knowledge and insight they may or may not have. My 2nd spouse to be was actually seeing one when I met them. Just on a irregular basis to help roll over the rough spots in there life. Interesting enough, when they found out that I had entered the picture, they wanted to know if they could meet me tor assessment of weather I would be suitable as good marriage material. So I had a couple of sessions. I thought what the hell, should not be a problem, who would not want ME?
      So made the appointment and figured I was good looking enough, had my own business, with 4 kids that were no trouble and well behaved. I knew I was kind, faithful, honest and could even be funny when need be. Yep, thought of my self as nicely well rounded. Did I also mention I do not smoke and drink except a beer when forced? Yes, I think I could be anyone’s trophy spouse. cough, cough. So I was all ears to see how someone else would assess me. Naturally I was not to know why the consular really wanted to see me, but it was plain as day.
      So my spouse to be has there next session and I could soon hear the good news. It did not flow from their lips like I thought it would. Actually the word that came down was “Dump Me”, not professional enough and you really need a professional person to be happy and successful in life. Not professional enough, alright, for record I did not have a Rolex on, heck, I have never even owned a watch in my life. I can always tell within 5 minutes any time of day or night and I also have a built in compass. Funny part to this story is my son had since then become the top Rolex Watchmaker in North America, and probably the World. I also don’t wear rings or carry a briefcase. Not partial to suits either, so guess I do not give off the aroma of professional success, but a lot of times that is only a lot of BS. So I turned to my spouse to be, and they said they would keep me even with all my flaws. Funny thing, the sessions came close to ending with that consular after that recommendation.

      1. Page 28

        So after proof reading my last page, I noticed I misspelled counselor as in Marriage Counselor. Dang this King’s English is a tough thing to learn when your not interested.

        The spouse brought up the fact that our marriage needed to be saved and two points were thrown at me like daggers. The first thing fired was “but I did not do anything wrong”. followed by…”are you just going to thrown me away?” WOW, did not see that coming, so yes, I guest an attempt should be made to save things. I gave little resistance to talking with who ever my spouse thought could help us.

        The marriage counselor chosen shall be given the name Dr. Bill and from all appearances he appeared to be at the top of his game. Our first meeting went exactly like this…..Dr. Bill introduced himself and invited us into his office. The questioning went directly to…..”So Dorthy, how is the old marriage going?” I fired back with what I thought was a spot on answer of….”well as marriages go, I would probably rate ours at the top or around the 95%” Don’t think Dr. Bill was ready for that reply, so he spins his eyes to my spouse where they confirmed that our marriage was probably pretty dang good, and they would also rate it at the top. Now Dr. Bill perks up like his golfing buddy has just led two people into his office to play a joke on him, and he fires back….well must be some reason you came into see me, tell me about that.

        With that question, it opened up why I was really there. The Right One. So for the next 15\20 minutes or so I gave him a shortened version of the story I am telling now. It flowed from my mouth like I had lived it, frankly because I had, and when I was done, his mouth was open and his jaw was on his desk. He looks around to see where the camera was hidden, and not being able to find one, he said “boy your good” Well with those 3 words I knew exactly what he thought, he did not believe a word of my story. When no one was laughing and his golfing buddies did not step out from behind the curtains, he needed a come back. It again went exactly like this…..Well Dorthy, as we travel down life’s path we gather stones and if we can not cast off those stones, they will take us under. Really Doc, that is the best you got for me? My spouse knows that everything said in my story was spot dead on because they had lived a great deal of it.

  31. Page 29

    So after a couple of meeting, I could see that Dr. Bill really did not have much to offer other then, Dorthy if you keep trying to develop a relationship with the Right One, it will destroy the marriage you now have. Is that what you want, because that is what will happen. I had to agree that I could not have both so my spouse made me promise that I should never contact this other person or our Marriage will be Over.

    Even to me, that did make sense, and remember not everything lined up on the 80 things I knew about this other person. Who is to say it would have worked, but dang why would I be given all this prediction info if it was not true, and we were to have a life together. Well I thought about it and thought about it and I knew we will probably get together when the economy goes under, and if you remember a few years back, it seemed like that was about to happen any day. I did not need to make a decision, it will be made for me, just needed to let things fall into place. All right, that statement bothers me but not really sure why it should after all the other stuff that happened. SO…Life Goes On, but for some reason it does not seem very complete for me.

    The economy is kept from collapsing and true to my word, I make few contacts with the Right One. Interesting enough I was able to find out a few more things about the Right One that was just to unbelievable that this could all just happen or occur.

  32. Page 30

    The Fall softball season is just beginning and the Right One is playing in the same league, but different team. My first game now has my spouse very interested in attending. My coach was short a player, so the Right One was called upon to be a sub. The game went fine but my spouse wanted to talk to the Right One after the game about the possible destruction of a marriage. The 3 of us talked with as you may have guessed my spouse doing most of the talking. My spouse thought the whole emotional affair was foolish and to stop it a once. In the back of my mind, I was not sure what to believe, but I knew one thing for sure…..it felt like my heart was ripped out.

    The next day was probably the worst day of my life. I was filled with guilt, shame, love, loneliness, and everything else you can imagine. I could never believe a person could feel so terrible. The following day rolls around and first thing that morning I get a call from my ex (1st spouse) who I have not talked with in months. They would always call when they had a problem they thought I could solve, or just a question to be answered, but this time it was different. They had been “feeling” that I was in trouble of some type and that they were so upset that they said a pray for me. Now I don’t know about you but as far as I know, very few people have ever said a pray for me, and especially when they did not even know what was going on. This is just so crazy, but all true. We went on to talk for a couple of hours and dealt with items that may have never been cleared up from our break up, so I guess it was turning the page that occurred so long ago. Again, how would they know what I was going through, they lived 800 miles away, and only 3 people really knew what was going on.

  33. Page 31

    Fall softball soon ended, and true to my word I did not make contact with the Right One. Heck, did not need to, it seemed like we were days away from the economy going down and my life would take its natural course and I would be with the Right One. A few banks failed, many corps. went bankrupt, but our Govt. threw trillions at the problems and pulled things out of the dumpster. The only trouble was yeah they saved it then, but did not solve the problem. Debt…..we still have it and now it is only worst. Next time we start to have failures hitting right and left, the money probably will not be available to save things. You really can’t spend your way out of DEBT. It was only passed down to our kids and passed down the road a little longer, but it is still there. I suspect a few countries will go under and that will collapse the banking system for the world. The central banking system will not save it this next time. Just to much Debt, to many loans leveraged.

    The months rolled on and I did really miss any contact with the Right One, so I turned to the only way I could….Social Media. Yeah, surfing the net to see what they may be doing. I thought, I bet they will be on a dating site, and in less then 5 minutes from thinking that, I was looking at their profile. I filled out a phony data sheet and I somehow knew which dating service to pick. First try and I can say right then and there, if I had known the likes, and interests, I would have known that those 80 things I knew about them was a direct match. There was one problem though, I had waited too long and they were hooking up with another.

  34. Page 32

    I was bombarded by feelings coming to me from every direction. When you stand back and look at life, who is to say what is best for someone, but what haunted me was the fact of knowing about this other person (Right One) for so many years. If you then think about the fact that everything that is occurring has already happened, it becomes quite confusing. The whole concept of knowing what will happen really starts to play with logic and goes against common sense. I feel I could have an outstanding life with the Right One, but breaking down the barriers needed to make it happen seems next to impossible. Then I ask myself, why have I been given all this info and have life present me with this other person if it was NOT TO BE, Wow, just so much to consider.

    The term “Love at First Sight” or I found my Soul Mate have been passed down through the ages. I think it is much more likely to occur if people have had past lives. Another interesting concept of how two people may have spent a wonderful life together only to die and find each other in their next life. They could somewhat take off where they left off to carry on another beautiful life together. I am not ruling it out, but it does become difficult to wrap your mind around something like this. It would also explain why two people would have an instant attraction for each other.

    I guess I felt like I was put into a position of, if I try to change things, will it screw someone’s life up as more players enter the picture. A couple of years pass by and I am torn with confusion, doubt, and quite frankly not really knowing what to do. I start having the feeling that the Right One will be getting married in the near future.

  35. Page 33

    I had a very difficult time writing page 32. I was not putting forth my thought to paper in an orderly fashion. On top of that, every time I wrote a sentence, the phone would ring and I would need to take a call, that was erasing any thought process that I may have had. I almost nuked the page, but it had a couple of thoughts that seemed valid, so I let it stand for what it said. If any thing, maybe it helps to convey what I was feeling and the uncertain thoughts running through my mind at the time.

    During this time, my marriage struggled with doubt coming from my spouse as to how I could have done what I did. The worst was after a night of drinking where they let loose with all the verbal abuse one could think of. Knowing how they truly felt bothered me a lot as to where and if our marriage could survive. I told my spouse of my feelings that the Right One was probably getting married and this seemed to help take the pressure off, but I was not really sure what was going on in the Right One’s life.

    Early spring arrives and I have the overwhelming feeling that a marriage will be taking place. One morning in mid April I woke up and felt an urgent need to talk with the Right One. It was the same feeling of what I felt when I thought our daycare provider was having a death in there family. Wow, almost like the same thing of I need to talk to them NOW. I do not have a clue as to what I need to say, but I needed to warn someone about something. Crazy, crazy, crazy, I know, but it was all I could feel. By the middle of the afternoon, I could not take it any more. I knew where I thought the Right One worked so drove there. I did not know for sure if they still worked there, or even if they went to work that day. When I got there, I did not realize the building had so many doors, and was not really sure what they were driving. A light rain was falling, so I pulled into the parking lot so I could see most of the doors, I shut off the engine and said to my self “wow this is so dumb, I will never see them, or maybe they are not even coming out for hours, if at all.” At that moment, they appeared to walk out, could not be sure because of the rain, but I thought so.

    I walked over and tapped on their window. Yes it was the Right One, and they gave me a big smile like they always do. I said I would like to talk to you, They said I don’t think that would be a good Ideal, and that they were getting married in 2 months. I congradulated them and knew that for what ever reason, it was not the time for us. The meeting even though very short put my mind at peace. I knew that it was how it was meant to be.

  36. Valentine Day is coming up. and we always wonder how to make it special.
    Never told my spouse I could cook a few things and I had my mother’s recipe book. So we had been together a couple of months and their birthday rolls around. What to do, what to do. Well besides a present, I made a batch of Cream Puffs from the old school way with lots of eggs, milk, butter. You know, with real custard filling. It blew them away and they could not get enough, and could not believe I knew how to bake them. They still talk about it all these years later. I also have the best apple pie recipe, my mothers again. It takes real lard and such but wow. Just a couple of years ago we made apple pies one Saturday. The first one comes out of the oven, and they said, “This is the BEST apple pie I have ever had”. Got to admit it was very good. I use to make them all the time and could from scratch put together a couple of them in 15 to 20 minutes and then another 45min. or so for baking. They are on the sweet side, but that is the way I like things. For most people the hardest part is rolling out the crust. So when you can’t think of anything special, bake something. Would love to try and bake some things on the healthier side so it could be consumed more often.

    On a side note….I asked my spouse last night if we were going to our favorite Chinese Rest. again this year for V Day. They paused for a moment knowing we don’t have a favorite. Then fell out of bed laughing and said, “So I can watch you put ketchup on your salad?”,,,, Dang, they remembered.

  37. Page 34

    Wanted to change directions a little, but it is still tied to this story. Yesterday I was surfing the net and hit on the “Loaming Collapse of 2016” by James Davidson. It is a long video and in the end he tries to sell you on a news letter and such, but most of his points for the coming collapse is right on track. If you want to know why it will happen, you may want to watch it for over 1/2 and hour, but after I did I read a few reviews and want to relate one of them.

    One review talked about a guy who’s wife knew nothing about economics, but had great feelings on what will happen in the future. Hymmm, I think I can relate to some of that. So this couple was compiling a lot or property and agreed not to sell it unless they had a plan. One day she comes to her husband and said, we need to sell all our property immediately. Well he believed in her and they sold it all off over the next several months to make 5 times what they had in it. Then the crash of 2006 hit and they felt very lucky.

    I can relate to something very similar. It was 2007 and we knew a co-worker in the office where my spouse worked that helped people set up retirement funds. I said, let’s go talk to him and see what he thinks on how were doing. After showing our assets and such, he was spell bound why I was not invested in the stock market. Well, I explained my position over the next several minutes and he just shook his head trying to say how over the long run that is where the money was to be made. I did not know it at the time, but my spouse was thinking about all the risky stock they had in their 401K. They had everything at the most aggressive and it was a large amount because they had always put the max in. Later that day they were back at there office changing the stock over in the 401 to items with hardly any risk. Their boss came in and asked what they were doing and so they told him what I said and how they were moving everything to a safer area. So he became alarmed and did the same. The very next day, the crash started that was the worse since 1929. My spouse never told me what they did until several months later, but it seemed like a lot more then just being lucky. I always remember the date because it was my spouse’s birthday, and guessing it was the largest gift they ever got, and did not cost me a dollar.

    Guess all I am trying to say is that the future looks bleak, so protect yourself.

  38. and this from the class room……..

    The teacher gave her fifth grade class an assignment: Get their parents to tell them a story with a moral at the end of it.

    The next day, the kids came back and, one by one, began to tell their stories.

    There were all the regular types of stuff: Spilled milk and pennies saved. But then the teacher realized, that only Janie was left.

    “Janie, do you have a story to share?”

    “Yes ma’am. My daddy told me a story about my Mommy. She was a Marine pilot in Desert Storm, and her plane got hit. She had to bail out over enemy territory, and all she had was a flask of whiskey, a pistol, and a survival knife.

    She drank the whiskey on the way down so the bottle wouldn’t break, and then she parachuted right into the middle of 20 Iraqi troops…

    She shot 15 of them with the pistol, until she ran out of bullets, killed four more with the knife, till the blade broke, and then she killed the last Iraqis with her bare hands.”

    ”Good Heavens, said the horrified teacher. What did your Daddy tell you was the moral to this horrible story’?”

    “Don’t fxxk with Mommy when she’s been drinking.”

    I hope this was not to colorful for your blog, but some days you just need a laugh

  39. Page 35

    OK….enough of the bad jokes. Oh, so you want one more do you? This next joke I will try tg tie it into the story I have been writing,. What do you call a dog without any legs? As you can see, there are many answers. Somewhat of an open ended question. This is a lot how I feel when I ask a question about my self in the future. If you do not ask the right question in the correct way, the answer you get back or “FEEL” may be out of place or is correct, but where it falls in “TIME” can not be determined,

    I have mentioned many times in this story about the 80 or so very specific things I know or would be part of the “Right One’s” traits. I received “the answers” to many of what I would know about the Right One between spouse 1 and 2 when I was under a great deal of stress. I also received many of my answers when I was in High School and again searching for the Right One. Some of the times, I did not know or even had thought about what the correct answers were, but when I was with the person who I thought was the Right One, and I felt I knew ahead of time what they would like or do, or how a question would be answered, OK, I really am having a hard time trying to explain this, so let me give you a case in point. I had formulated in my mind many physical things that the right one would have, but also the likes and dislikes of this person. For instances….favorite colors or such. The very first time, other then the first name not matching for my first spouse.was what I thought would be a given, It came just a couple of weeks after our first date.

    My sister and brother in law were going to take a course on self defense or the martial arts. It was one evening a week for an hour and I just knew my new love to be would want to do it with me. I was excited about doing this course, so could hardly wait to call and ask my new love to be (first spouse) about attending it. I was SHOCKED when they said NO to me, not interested. I thought, How Could This Be? Well so much for that, and that was probably the very first moment I knew something did not match, other then the first name, I remember thinking I may not have the “Right one” after all. Dang, never did get a course in Self Defense, had to learn the Hard Way. It was no Big Deal, but I just knew in my mind that the “Right One” would/should have been interested.

    So getting back to the Bad Joke… an answer for what do you call a dog without legs could be a Hot Dog. That is a Good Answer, but maybe not the Best. What I “FEEL” is the best answer is this…….are you ready???? What do you call a dog without any legs. It does not make any difference, it still will not come to you. With that, I am going to let my dog out.

    1. Page 36

      Some what of a strange morning for me. I woke to thoughts that I need to say hello to someone I have not talked with in many years. A very close friend from 30yrs ago and for some reason something in side wanted to make contact. Actually this person was in this story earlier when I talked about setting up the tennis league for a group on Wed. evenings. They said they would be happy to play and was something we really looked forward to do. Well this person was very nice looking with a great personality and many months later we end up going to the State Fair together with one other person. While walking across the parking lot, this person asked why we were not together as a couple. My answer even surprised myself as I blurted out….”your to old for me”. I knew instantly it was not true, they were younger then myself, and I really did not feel that way. It was a very strange moment for me and probably hurtful to them and I have always wished I could have taken it back, but now looking at it, I can see if I was looking for my “Right One”, it was the reason why I said it. So this morning I surfed the internet , found there number and gave them a call. Just an answering machine at the other end, so I left a short message. Two hours later their spouse called me back and I explained a little something of why I called. Funny how it happened when they were probably under a great deal of stress, because they had went to the hospital for knee replacement this morning, Just makes you wonder what kind of vibes are sent from one persons mind to another.

      The feelings I receive are very hard to describe. Some are point on exact and others not so much. Let me go out on a limb with this next feeling. I will never talk about life or death again, but, would like to talk about a physical characteristic that I felt I have always known (or maybe not) about the right one. My first spouse had a mole on there chest, and I gave it little thought. My second spouse have a very noticeable mole higher up or just down from the top of their right shoulder. It was good size, started to change color so they had it removed shortly after we got together. Now for some reason I always felt the “Right One” would also have a mole about the size of the end of a No. 2 pencil, It would be located around their right ear, but you could not see it. It would be very well hidden?? Not really sure what I am saying, just a feeling I have about a mole that may or may not be there. But the way everything else has been very exacting, I will put my money on the mole.

      I guess what I am saying is that most of my life I have made thousands of decisions based on what I feel, but it seems more then just luck or ??. The other thing is that it may not be true then, but it does happen usually a little later down the road. Hey…I am calling it Crazy and it is my story.

  40. Page 37

    The “feelings” that come to me are very hard to explain. Many times I just know exactly what the message is. The answer or what will happen just comes as a complete thought that can be very specific. During just the last week to 10 days I can relate to a few. Not earth shattering just usually something that can be troublesome or……let me tell you what I felt

    Earlier this Feb. I was ordering a nice watch for the spouse that I had showed them ahead of time and they liked. Won it at auction (not Ebay) and paid for it with a credit card because at that time I “felt” it could be trouble. Well it came the day before Valentines Day and it was not the same item as pictured on the auction or the appraisal sheet included with purchase. The watch was made 25 yrs ago by a famous maker known for high dollar watches. So will be going through the hassle of the refund which is a pain in the ass.

    The second feeling I received came to me in a dream. I really don’t dream all that much and if I do, probably don’t remember that much of it. Just this last Sunday I dreamed I was walking in the woods with my oldest son and he was almost bit by a diamondback rattle snake. I yelled at him in the nick of time and saved him so to speak. So what really happens in real life?, my oldest son calls me Monday morning and told me how he got a 4 ft. diamondback snake the evening before. As I have said in the past, when we are under stress or danger, seems like our bodies transmits a signal of what we are going through.

    The third item just occurred last night. Went out to eat with the spouse and on the way home they turn to me and said….”you may think this is weird”. I said, “nothing is weird to me any more”. So over the last few years we have been trying to find a new house but nothing seems to fit what we are looking for. My spouse lost their best friend to cancer just over a year ago and so I guess that they have been talking so to speak or at least my spouse was talking to the friend they had lost. So to make a long story short, they said, “well if you can not help us find a house, please help my son get custody of his 1 and 4 yr. old. In less then 24hrs he was given temp. custody after years of fighting because the mother was possibly unfit after what she did out of town with other soccer parents. Let me just say, it kind of put a twist on my spouse as to how fast it happened from such a direct wish.

    So, as you can see, maybe they were all going to happen anyway and we just for a brief moment thought of it and then when it happened, we locked in on it, or maybe a little bit more is happening. All I know is that my “feelings” that I have had for the “Right One” have never changed and have occurred over many years. Very specific and I just find it “CRAZY” that I found someone that appears to fit them all.

    1. Page 38

      Guess I have written enough of this story that we should give this “Puppy” a name or title. When I started out writing this story, I really did not plan it, I was just going to wright down what I remembered of things that happened in my life that seemed very strange. The last thing I thought about was giving this story a title so the first one that came into my head was all of 2 seconds of thought. After thinking about it for the last day, I am thinking maybe my first thought is not that bad. A LOVE STORY, OR JUST A STORY? Kind of tells what the story is about and with the word “Love” in title, the romantics will be sure to read it.

      If someone would like to throw out a different title for it, hit me with a reply and we can see if it sticks. The whole reason I wrote this story was for any off spring that may have the same condition passed down to them. It may give them some insight. I have my youngest son from my 1st marriage that probably has it. He is in the Marines. Special Forces called Marsoc, Back in 2004 his Marine unit was entering Fallujah, Iraq. He told me after a year of fighting he woke up one morning and something told him to wear his throat protector for the first time ever. He put it on that morning and a few hours later it saved his life after a bullet went through his body and hit a wall and came back and tore off his throat protector. Without it, his neck would have been sliced up. Just luck, or something else, makes you wonder. The other not so funny thing was that we knew he was going to be hurt that day. He actually died 3 times from loss of blood, but I knew he would be alright. When the phone call about his danger came, it was not a surprise. As he went on other missions in the coming years, I could always feel his danger in the toughest days he was fighting.

      The other thing I would like to do is find someone I could hire to clean up this story and make it a little user friendly by getting rid of misspelled words, poor sentence structure, and parts that may not belong. I think it would be much easier from an outsider schooled in the art of the English language, instead of this old hacker. Actually the other web sight where everyone knows my screen name gave me a surprise as to how many knew of me but not really. Back about 12 years ago, I met a member of our hobby as we waited for the gates to open. I told them my name and screen name for the first time ever, and he shook my hand and said I was a legend. I thought that was somewhat strange. A few months later, I was at another gathering a thousand miles away and while talking to an individual, again I shared my name and screen name. Again he used the word legend. Wow, now that is somewhat strange to hear, especially when you really don’t think of yourself as one. So I came home and told the spouse about the label I was given and they laugh it off. Strangely enough, my spouse was with me a few years later when I was exchanging items connected with our hobby at a Wendy’s in Missouri. I told the person my screen name and he blurted out…Your a Legend. Well my spouse choked on their hamburger and said, “trust me, I have to live with them, they are no legend.”

      So most of my writing skills takes place as one liners that make fun of what someone else has posted. Seems like I can always think of the other side to every statement. Soo with that being known, would like to work out a cash deal to punch out an easier reading story out of the jumble of words I have given this blog. Anyone interested? Laura, you have first right of refusal. How hard can it be? Let me know with a reply, I am not using email.

      1. Page 39

        Well, today is April Fools day, and I have been recently very aware of our economy shrinking. Everything I will be writing today is really going to be the truth and I somehow feel like I need to warn as many people as possible. I really thought the big crash was going to happen back 2008 from all the signs. I do not see any way out of this crisis, and it will effect everyone. It is getting worse day by day and when it happens, it will occur in a matter of hours. I believe a few large banks will fail, which will knock the stock markets for a downer. Once the slide starts it will be impossible to stop.

        Banks will close. Stores will be stripped clean of food and supplies. Things will fall apart and go down hill in a hurry. What you have right now will be what you will have to survive the next several months. Just watching naked and afraid should give you a hint on how long the human body can function with a good supply of food and fresh water. Check your shelves and you can see what the length of time you will have. Notice I said shelves, and not refrigerator, we will not have electricity so put away your cell phones, I pads, TV’s and such, they are not going to work.

        Within days, the paper money you have will decline in value and probably go close to zero. Do you know how much it costs to make a US $100 bill?. Around 10 cents. Do you want to guess what it will be worth when people finally realize our Federal Govt. is broke, and nothing is backing that small piece of paper? To scary for me to think about. Precious metals will be needed to trade for anything of value. or items with real value.

        Many of you may have watch the movie THE BIG SHORT that has come out recently and is at Red Box now. Peter Schiff is the author because he saw the melt down in the home mortgage issues that were created by our Federal Govt. People with betting with the banks money that home prices were going to keep rising. Loans were given to everyone and no one cared. When homes could not go any higher, it was time for people who took out the equity to just walk away and pocket billions. This left the housing market still trying to recover 10yrs later.

  41. Page 40

    I can remember back in the summer of 2006 when my softball coach (who reminded me of my aunt) asked if she should buy another house. She had noticed how the home values had risen the last couple of years and thought it could be a good investment. I told her otherwise, and it may not be wise when the prices had gone up so fast, so quickly. See….I was able to tie in todays Gloom and Doom with my story. Any ways, we have a storm of the same nature, but only bigger because it will cause the destruction of the US Dollar. The people of the US are very child like for the most part. I have asked several an it seems like the younger you are, you will have less concern for what is happening.

    I look at what is occurring as a family out of control with credit card(s) One or both parents (our US senate and House of Rep.) have lost control of common sense spending and placed our country in harm. The people of the US are like children in the family. They really don’t know what is going on or are really to young to understand. It is like they think every thing is FINE and tomorrow will be just like today and yesterday. They don’t know that the bill collector is in the mail and the parents are certainly not going to tell their children they may be moving in the very near future because they can not pay the bills.

    Peter Schiff has a video about 45 min. long that tells what is coming and he calls it the REAL CRASH of 2016. I agree with most every thing he says, except putting Precious Metal in foreign bank accounts. I do not think you will be able to retrieve the PM’s when you will need them. In other words, keep them close to you, but not in the banks because they will be closed. So, I would recommend that you watch Peter’s video. I like to think of what I am writing today as a tornado siren. I see the storm and it is coming, but it will be up to the people to protect themselves to increase there chance of being around when this is all over. I could see where we may be missing 40% of the population when the dust settles. Not really sure if Peter is selling a book or what ever, don’t really care, just use common sense knowledge to not be dependent on others for your needs for as much as possible. Try and watch his video, google is your friend.

    1. Page 41

      Received some info in the last week that was a big surprise to me. Some what shocking you may say. But first I would like to give you a little back ground on where I am coming from.

      My mother grew up in the typical large farm family of her time with 3 boys and 3 girls reaching adult hood. My dad did the same with 2 boys and 5 sisters. I can remember thinking back when I was 10yrs old or so and thinking I would also have 6 kids. Just always felt that way. Growing up my mother loved taking care of kids and I had 1 brother and 1 sister. I was the baby of the family so when I turned 11 or so my mother wanted to be a foster parent and work with newborns. Got approved and soon we had a steady stream of newborns that were placed for adoption. Many times the stay was but just a few weeks. I did remember the longest placed little girl with us lasting almost a year. The Docs said she was deaf and one day I was playing with her on the floor she appeared to me to have hearing. I could snap my fingers behind her and she would turn and smile. Showed my parents and they agreed she could hear. Docs then checked her out and said yes also, and soon she was adopted in a few weeks.

      Girls have always been scarce in my family. My brother had only 2 boys and the same for my sister. I on the other hand had 1 girl 4 boys and a stepson. So we were at a ratio of 1 girl out of 10 in our immediate family. Then came my grand kids and my oldest son has 1 boy and my stepson has 1 boy and a girl. My youngest son (Marine SF) with my first wife married a woman with 1 boy and 1 girl and has 2 boys biologically. So again, you can see that my kids have had only boys to carry on the last name so t speak. My youngest son may still have kids, but after a couple of long dating relationships, chances are growing slimmer by the day. It is really to bad, he loves kids and would make an excellent father. I hope he can find Mrs. Right in the near future. Quite handsome, 6’2″/189# and a good job. Class A electrician. There out there girls, you just can’t go crazy on them.

      My spouse and I have been foster parents for BT here in Omaha. We were actually selected to be the 1st foster parents for BT that were not in there group homes and we raised a 16yr old with her newborn daughter for close to 2yrs while she finished high school. So as you may guess, kids have always been a big part of my life and the people around me. They have taught me al lot and it has always been a pleasant experience as they learned from us.

      1. Page 42

        Sooo, with this in mind, what could add to this story to make me think “shocking news” has come my way”? Well, it can be summed up with a one word sentence. DADDY. Now before everyone starts jumping to conclusions, thinking this is just like in the movies, let us all take a deep breath while I try to explain it.

        Fourteen years ago after the Marine Son had just gone through boot camp and was off to the east coast to join his new unit. He and his fellow Marines went to the beach for a little R&R and I guess you may say he met someone there. It had been rumored that he could be the father of a baby girl and so approx. 3 years later a DNA test was performed for conclusive proof. The young mother had moved away and just wanted to raise her daughter on her own. I don’t think much contact was made between the mother and father and life went on. Well a few weeks ago my Marine son was training his Special Forces unit in TN. and that just happened to be where this young lady lives. So I guess my Marine Son stopped in to meet his daughter for the first time ever. I received a picture of the 2 of them holding each other and they both had big smiles on there faces, so it appears the meeting went fine. I am sure the young lady was thrilled to meet her bio dad, and she could not have ended up with a better person.

        So today is my Marine Son’s birthday, and after all the boys in the family, we find out our first grand child is a girl. Now for the best part, what do you think this young lady loves to do……..you guessed it if you said “Softball”. I guess that is conclusive proof she must be a member of the family. Her birthday also falls on the exact same day as her aunt’s or my daughters birthday. I guess life is just kind of Crazy sometimes, but we do the best we can to make sense of it.

  42. Page 43

    Talking Dog For Sale

    A guy is driving around the back woods of Montana and he sees a sign in front of a broken down shanty-style house: ‘Talking Dog For Sale.’

    He rings the bell and the owner appears and tells him the dog is in the backyard.

    The guy goes into the backyard and sees a nice looking Labrador Retriever sitting there.

    “You talk?” he asks.

    “Yep” the Lab replies.

    After the guy recovers from the shock of hearing a dog talk, he says, “So, what’s your story?”

    The Lab looks up and says, “Well, I discovered that I could talk when I was pretty young. I wanted to help the government, so I told the CIA. In no time at all they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, because no one figured a dog would be eavesdropping, I was one of their most valuable spies for eight years running… but the jetting around really tired me out, and I knew I wasn’t getting any younger so I decided to settle down. I signed up for a job at the airport to do some undercover security, wandering near suspicious characters and listening in. I uncovered some incredible dealings and was awarded a batch of medals. I got married, had a mess of puppies, and now I’m just retired.”

    The guy is amazed. He goes back in and asks the owner what he wants for the dog.

    “Ten dollars” the guy says.

    “Ten dollars? This dog is amazing! Why on Earth are you selling him so cheap?”

    “Because he’s a liar. He’s never been out of the yard.”

  43. Page 44

    The other big news my Marine son told me when I called him on his birthday was that he just gave his 2 week notice to his 6 figure job. Yep, he resigned from a job he loved because of PTSD’s he was having associated with his work, and he needed to go for a walk to help clear his head. He was always the “Go to Guy” when his men got in trouble on the battle field, and they needed an answer to get themselves out of harms way. I can’t help but think knowing what may happen in the future may have helped save a lot of men. I have not talked to him about it but guessing it played a big part. I do know he has more medals then he can wear on his chess because he ran out of room. Guessing this Memorial Day it would be fitting to think of and thank all the MEN he served with who also played a part in his (their) awards. THANK YOU to all the service men and women that made it possible for me to sit here and type this story.

    So when he said go for a “walk”, I really did not know what he had in mind. Well it turns out he thought walking the Appalachatian Trail would be needed. I looked it up, and it is 2,200 miles long and takes 4 to 6 months to complete as it transvers our eastern states from Georgia to Maine. He always did things in a Big Way. So exactly 2 weeks after his birthday, his sister takes him to the drop off point in Georgia to begin his trek. As soon as I heard what the plan was, I went to the web sight where everyone knows me and we have roughly 40,000 readers and one person said the trail goes through my back yard. So I have lined up one night on the trail where he may get a shower, hot meal, and real bed. Another reader asked where he was on the trail, and it was answered with, google earth search black bears, that is where they all hang out.

    So this past week I have been getting pictures of things along the trail and he is now into North Carolina. This should make for an interesting summer.

    1. Page 45

      The following sentence is Dorthy’s theory on relationships………

      As we travel the Universe through Time and Space, the Hearts that are meant to join and become one will find each other.

      This will become a Pure Love that No One or Thing can Tear Apart.

  44. Page 71

    The following two words is Dorthy’s theory on keeping a relationship
    1. As Billy Joel sang so well…It’s a matter of TRUST
    2. and I forget the artist(s) but……RESPECT
    Without those, you do not have a relationship worth considering
    Your just living

  45. Page 47

    The following was taken from the web sight I visit daily. It is something that American voters need to realize what the Bill of Rights stand for and why it is so important to our legal system.

    The pesky thing about being a nation that is based in Constitutional laws is that we have to abide by those laws whether we like them or not, whether we care about them or not. There are plenty of people who would like to clobber the shit out of Westboro Baptists out protesting the funerals of soldiers and murdered innocents…but as much as they might feel that is the right and just thing to do, it is legally a violation of their rights, and punishable under the law.

    But setting the Constitution aside, I do understand what you’re saying; there is a type of object in existence that has had a demonstrably destructive cost for many individuals across the country. It is also arguably true that for other people, these objects have been lifesaving devices, but let’s put that aside for a moment and just examine your concerns.

    You are certainly not the only one who feels this way about these objects today, nor the only one who has felt this way in the past…but in regard to different materials. We’ve gone down this road before with other varieties of prohibitionists that felt that if Product X were removed from the public, lives would be saved.

    The Gun Control advocacy of today has a great deal in common with that of alcohol and drug prohibition of the last century (the latter we are only now beginning to emerge from). The moral balance seemed obvious; these substances had no necessary positive influence over people or important redeeming value society at large; on the contrary, when misused they were tremendously destructive (as they are still today). Freely available alcohol in particular contributed (and still does) to many thousands of deaths every year, was the underlying cause of criminal violence (including murder and domestic assault), fatal and injurious accidents, poisoning, addiction, the cause of disease and slow death. All for the profit margins of the cynical purveyors of this poison. Given a cost/benefit analysis, prohibition made a lot of sense; make alcohol (and later drugs) illegal, and they will no longer be freely available for people to do harm to themselves and others with.

    As it turns out though, it just doesn’t work that way. Whether you or other people think something is right or wrong, where there is a vast demand, there will be a supply. Far from improving the situation, Alcohol Prohibition turned out to make everything unimaginably worse. People didn’t stop drinking; they only switched from beer/wine to the concentrated (and smuggleable) hard spirits. Alcohol poisoning actually increased, due to overconsumption and use of cheap poisonous substances to meet demand. A vast criminal network flourished to meet that demand, and instead of solving the problem of violence, open gang warfare broke out in the streets. The mountains of money reaped by the illicit booze trade was so tempting that it seeped into and corrupted our own government in a way that had never been done before, with outright criminals and thugs directly colluding with our government officials from the local beat cop to Senators and Governors to cover and encourage crime. In the case of the War on Drugs, the results have been arguably worse, with the rise of unheard of police powers to invade your home and privacy, to confiscate your property without requiring a conviction, to inflict harsh prison sentences for consensual “crimes”, and hundreds of millions of dollars squandered in a process that has yielded no results. Of course, it almost goes without saying the vast, wealthy, powerful and extraordinary violent international drug cartels that have sprung across the globe up to feed our hunger for their products, and the wholesale death spread by our own domestic gangs who are involved in the trade.

    These were policy disasters that took shape in ways that nobody, let alone the Prohibitionists, could have possibly conceived. And we’re not even talking here about something that people feel so strongly about as Constitutional Rights, we’re just talking about the ability to get inebriated.

    Idealism and wishful thinking aside, what do you think you’re going to get if you could wave your magic wand and achieve a total legal ban on firearms? Do you imagine, as the Prohibitionists did, that people will simply obey? Have you taken the time to consider the more likely results? Is it worthwhile to cling to an idealism that will ultimately prove to be destructive if brought about, or would it be more productive to accept the reality of the situation, and work for a solution that can actually reduce (even if it cannot eliminate) the problem?

    1.)To the above I would also like to ask…do you wonder why a Shooter always attacks at a place that is a “Gun Free Zone”?
    2.)The shooter is always stopped by a gun.

    I really did not plan on making a political statement for this story, but I feel in my heart that our great founding father’s knew exactly why the people having the power and control will be the only way possible you can live/have a free society. Never give up a freedom, thinking it will give you security. In the end, you will have neither.

  46. Page 48

    As I sit here and type out my thoughts this early morning, guess I am feeling kind of sorry or sad for my self. I knows the exact reason why, and probably most of you have had the same feelings of sadness some time in your life too. Guessing Father’s Day coming tomorrow is not helping matters. You see, I have had 5 kids and one step child to raise in my life (so far) and number 5 out of 6 is moving hundreds of miles away and taking his 2 kids or our grand kids with him. This would be my step son and I have been in his life since he was approx. 8 years old. He will be 40 this fall, so as you may have guessed we have had a lot of water under the bridge together. He has been a Good Step Son for the most part, but still has a few areas to improve on. Guess we all fall into that category for the most part, but he is a good father and a hard worker. Guess what I am coming to realize, is even though we have had our differences through the years, I will still miss him. His dog, not so much. He has actually lived with us for the last year, yeah when he moved in it was going to be just 6 weeks, but how we loose track of time when there is no RENT to Pay.

    So what I am saying, another page is being turned as we travel through time. Five minutes ago I did not even have this thought about what I am going to ask, but it has confused me to say the least. The thought is “why does it seem the Democrats seem to hate guns so much because they cause so much pain and death, yet approve of abortions? Anyone, anyone, or should I say Bueller? For the life of me I can not understand how they approve of killing an unborned child, but want to save the world by taking away the guns from everyone. Seems to me like a 180 degree turn around.

    Let me share with you my life. I never really thought about abortion, but I can remember when the Supreme Court said it was all right. Well as my kids started to pile up, my fourth one was a still born. Troubled times soon hit the marriage and number 5 was what you may call a Make Up Baby. Well the make up portion did not last to long and I can remember thinking for the first time in my life about the A word and maybe it would be best as not to bring another child into what has become a troubled marriage heading for divorce. Yeah it crossed my mind, but I never brought it up, I knew my spouse would never even think of it. Turns out he became a “One Hell of a Kid” or better known as my Marine Son. Looking back, what a hole this world would have had if it was not for the life he has given us. Wow, I am so glad the abortion thing never came up.

    My next child was conceived as a mistake in Kansas City, and again not being in a marriage, thought the dreaded A word and actually brought it up, but it was quickly shot down. Again, what a fine young man and a credit to his gender. Wow again, guess you might say I dodged a bullet by not having the A thing get in place. So what I am trying to say, don’t be to quick to make what may be a really bad decision. Guessing maybe I have type a little more then I planned to this morning, but would like to say…….Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

  47. Page 49

    Hello…..been a while since I have written anything, been stinky HOT here in Nebraska. Not really sure where my mind is, but I did just re-read probably one of the greatest few paragraphs ever written. It should be required reading for every one and it could really SAVE YOUR LIFE or at least add many years to it. From the bottom of my heart I know it is true and it is just a matter of time before others start to mention it. What is it that I find so remarkable??? “The Coolest Apps You’re Not Using”……or as the author said…..Think Dirty. Nicely Done Laura, that is a work of art. No One could ever say it better then what you wrote. I remember once when you told me no one ever lived past the age of sixty on your mother’s side. Well I am sure you struck on the reason why with what you wrote. Nicely Played

    1. Page 50

      Some may say I would be “hard” to live with…..others just call me “playful”. Last weekend I was out to eat with my spouse and we were thinking about splitting something. The first thing mentioned by my spouse was a chicken dish. I had pointed out that we have had a lot of chicken lately. The Sam’s club baked chicken, the bucket of chicken that was brought home for supper from a shop close to work, and the left over chicken strips we have on the back shelf of the frig from a few days ago. Yeah, all of our “left overs” are chicken, and they were thinking of getting another chicken dish? Well I said you sure seem like you have been craving a lot of chicken lately, are you turning into a Coyote? A small attempt of humor on my part, and then I may have stepped over the line with my next move. I said you have something on the corner of your mouth and moved my hand as if to brush it away. They immediately brought up their hand to do the same and asked what it was………………………….I said a “FEATHER”. …………………………I don’t remember much after that.

      1. Page 51

        Been feeling like shit and not knowing what to do. I met with my doc so he can tell me the news. I’ve been healthy all my life, just a heart murmur to be out grown. Looks like that will not be happening. Up until a few years ago, you could take all the pills I have taken in my life and put them in one teaspoon. Few bodies were as drug free as mine. After the lab tests and such. the word came down. Doc said I was dying of a “broken heart”. Is this story just writing it’s self or what?
        He said the cure was open heart surgery which carries some risk. Seems my main aorta needs replaced and we will fix your valve while we are in there. This was something I was not looking for.
        Risk is somewhat strange and comes in all degrees. If you are starting a new job or wanting to climb a tree. Risk can be a love or passion that sometimes most will never understand. Last week I was at my brother’s and he showed me a picture of his Grandson doing what he liked to do. If you would like to see the picture, Google search the cover story for the Oct. 2016 National Geographic Mag. You may say he carries risk to the extreme!
        Others have gone before me and they say my odds are very good, My odds are a lot worst if I do nothing, so I am glad it is available. Almost a minor incovienance when you consider what a lot of people go through.
        In college I learned that when our Govt. was looking for fighter pilots, they would ask two questions they relied on to tell them what they needed to know. Have you ever rode or owned a motor cycle? If you answered yes they would ask if you got rid of the motor cycle? If you answered yes again, it showed you possessed a thrill for danger, and with the second yes, it showed you realized the danger and got rid of it. I saw the “Right One” had that when I asked if it bother them to ride on the interstate in traffic. Their eyes showed me an eagerness to do so that I will never forget.
        Guess I am hoping to make it past all this, I have a need to see how this story is going to end. Millions of readers can’t be disappointed. Ha Ha. It’s been a Hell of a Ride one way or the other.

        1. Page 52

          The governor called and all is well. I have been telling my spouse and a handful of other people I did not think the surgery would take place. A couple of the other people were family RN’s and they said I was wrong. Sometimes I can just tell and when I am under a lot of stress, it is stronger then ever. My spouse said I was in some sort of denial, and to get the foolishness out of my head. It was going to happen. Just met with my surgeon and he explained why he would not be able to make anything better then they are. My aorta is 1/10 of a mm shy from being in the replacement stage, and my heart valve is as big as possible now. So best if I just lose weight and exercise. YEAH! This means I beat it by the thickness of a sheet of paper. Well I gained over 20 lbs. in the last 10 years or so, so looking forward to getting my life back.
          The good news, kids came to town, so can have fun instead of the recovery room. Life is good!

          1. Page 53
            Interesting Facts About Gun Control

            There are 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms, and this number is not disputed.
            U.S. population 324,059,091 as of Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

            Do the math: 0.000000925% of the population die from gun related actions each year.
            Statistically speaking, this is insignificant!

            What is never told, however, is a breakdown of those 30,000 deaths, to put them in
            perspective as compared to other causes of death:

            • 65% of those deaths are by suicide which would never be prevented by gun laws
            • 15% are by law enforcement in the line of duty and justified
            • 17% are through criminal activity, gang and drug related or mentally ill persons – gun violence
            • 3% are accidental discharge deaths

            So technically, “gun violence” is not 30,000 annually, but drops to 5,100. Still too many?
            Well, first, how are those deaths spanned across the nation

  48. Page 54

    • 480 homicides (9.4%) were in Chicago
    • 344 homicides (6.7%) were in Baltimore
    • 333 homicides (6.5%) were in Detroit
    • 119 homicides (2.3%) were in Washington D.C. (a 54% increase over prior years)

    So basically, 25% of all gun crime happens in just 4 cities. All 4 of those cities have strict gun laws,
    so it is not the lack of law that is the root cause.

    This basically leaves 3,825 for the entire rest of the nation – or about 75 deaths per state.
    That is an average because some States have much higher rates than others.
    For example, California had 1,169 – and Alabama had 1.

    1. Page 55

      So, what state has strictest gun control laws? CA of course. So lack of laws are not the problem. But what about other deaths that occur each year.

      40,000 die from drug overdose…There us NO Excuse for that to occur.
      36,000 die from the flue. This is many times more then guns causing the problem
      34,000 die in traffic accidents.

      710,000 die per year from heart disease. Maybe the double cheeseburger is guilty?
      A 10% deduction in any of the above areas would surpass gun deaths and is possible.
      So you have to ask yourself why such a focus on guns? It is pretty simple.

    2. Page 56


      So the next time someone talks to you about gun control saving lives, Remember these facts and be sure to tell them it is not about guns………………………………………………………………….
      but it is all about………CONTROL!

      In a few days we should all be voting. You may think about what I just wrote so you can decide if you want your Government to take care of you and decides what YOU NEED, or if you want a government that you can tell what you want to happen. Which candidates have a past riddled with scandals and corruption, and which ones try to follow the Constitution. It’s your CHOISE!

      1. Page 57
        Well, I noticed I misspelled the word “Choice”. It sounded like “Moist” so a “S” slipped in there. I am not a complete IDOIT, it just looks that way when you spell poorly. I also noticed that the Cubs broke the curse of the Goat and won a World Series game at home. This brings me to why I am hacking out my thoughts today.
        All my life I thought if I had a big family, I would have plenty of relatives to do “Fun Family Things” that live nearby. Well, I have a brother 25 miles who has a son in TX and AZ. I have a sister in AZ with 2 sons in AZ. I have a son in NC with grand kids, 2 sons in TX with a grandson, A stepson in MN with 2 grand kids, a daughter in Hawii who plans to go to Boston. My local son is in Seattle for the month of Nov. The spouse went to Chicago for work, but went early to take in Wriggleville (bars located outside the ball game, tickets are $$$) and a Monday night FB game (Bears vs Vikings), This leaves me with my dog, Chantillee, I misspelled her name too!

        1. Page 58
          So, what have we learned with the last few pages I have written? Well, I can’t spell, but I warned you about my spelling at the start of this story. I will be eating my lunch all alone at Applebee’s this week. and that “Gun Control” really works. The stats are in for Chicago this Halloween weekend. Are you ready?……..17 dead, 41 wounded. I am just sure if we made handguns illegal in Chicago it would stop the problem overnight. Wait a minute, they are illegal in Chicago and IL. is one of the toughest gun control states that we have. I hope we are smart enough to figure that one out. This brings me to todays joke……You can use this one for Thanksgiving when you have all your relatives with you. What is the difference between “in-laws” and “outlaws”?……………………………….Outlaws are Wanted. I told that one when I went back for Thanksgiving to IL. to meet my future “In-laws” for the first time. They didn’t know whether to laugh, or stick a bread knife in me as they thought about that one.

          1. Page 59

            Looks like Guy Fawkes Day is tomorrow and who would have guessed it may be occurring right here to the good old US of A with our political leaders. The next few days will shape the course of our Great Country and we are watching history being made. I pray that everyone but the criminals stay safe in the times to come. I am still afraid that it will be the economic debt problem that will cause the most pain for everyone. Our country was given away by our leaders that it was not theirs to give away. A sad day by a select greedy few to cause so much misery upon the masses. I really did not want to be making a political statement with this blog (thanks again Laura for the space), but I think history is being made that will not soon be forgotten. Please be a part of it and Vote on Tuesday.

  49. Page 60
    We are all on Flight 93 today

    Two hundred and forth years ago, our Fathers’ brought forth a new nation. Conceived in liberty with all men being created equal and justice for all. We are now in a battle to go forth with what so many men and women fought and died for. Please help us select the correct laws and people needed to keep this great nation from perishing from the face of this earth…….Dorthy

    1. Page 61
      I thought with the election being over, I was done with political writing. I was WRONG!
      I would like to title this next piece….Suicide by Stupidity

      I have a large amount of college credits devoted to Biology and watching why things are like they are. You do not need to be an auto mechanic to want or need to drive a car, but sometimes it is useful to know a little about something to make choices and how to handle problems that come up.
      There are times when winners and losers must be chosen. It is also important to grow and learn how to deal with Victory and Defeat. Life goes on and we will be working and living with people we disagree with, especially if they are different from our own political views.

      1. Page 62
        This is for the people who say “Mr. Trump, go pound sand” or worst. Rioting in the streets is wrong…..they are both wrong. It is called being mature enough to accept the outcome, in this case a Presidential Election. Under normal conditions, the very people you are hating, are the very same people you would go to when you are in need of help. Are you so immature that you would want to slash the tires of the people that voted different then you. I brought up the tire thing because I just had that happened to me in the last week. Wow, what babies when they do not get their own way. Or, I’m moving to Canada if my person does not win. As far as I am concerned, you just gave up your citizenship, get the hell out and I will pay for your ticket if you stay out, Yeah, so when someone says let me “Piss on YOU”, your not my President, your not only WRONG….you’re also very IMMATURE. Probably a liberal that thinks that the world owes them a great life at the cost of others. Sorry for the name calling, got myself carried away.

        1. Page 63

          I guess my tire thing is still to fresh in my mind,

          Politics are necessary for life. It is how the system works. You just can’t let it get out of hand emotionally. What I don’t understand, why are some people so stupid. Case in point. A person is shot and killed while they struggle over the policeman’s gun hundreds of miles from me. I, as a rational person, don’t think the first thing I should do is meet up with my friends and loot and burn the grocery store on my block. What IDIOTS! That is what I call Suicide by Stupidity.
          One thing you learn about what makes a good parasite is, do Not Destroy the Host or you will both DIE. My favorite line…..Socialism will always die, because they will always run out of other peoples money. Are you seeing a pattern here? Okay one more True Story Time.

          1. Page 64
            A few years ago, I was asked to give/donate money to people who live in a foreign country who were going through a drought. I said “No”, “I do not hate those people”. Now I got that Look that is asking, what ever do I mean. How could giving them money be the wrong thing to do. I explain, well if they are given enough to pull through, they (let us say 100,000) will go on to have several offspring. Now it is 25 years later and that darn drought returns. So now we have 1/2 if million or more starving that will not be saved, Just not enough donations to help 5 or maybe even 10 times the people. So are asking me to watch a million people starve to death, because that is what I helped create. The USA is the greatest country on earth, but opening our borders to everyone will only “Kill the Host”. It takes a village to raise a child?, No it takes parents that care and take care of what they have created. Do not come here and expect everyone should want to go to work all day so you can have children you do not want to care for.

  50. Page 65

    So today we have tens of millions of people who are happy or glad, and tens of millions who are sad, It will pass, and we may be surprised by the person we have elected. He is a builder, and has worked all his life. I would much rather have that in place then a person who never held a job until the age of 40 or has lived off the government tit all their life. Building is what this nation needs right now, just pray that the debt created will not bring us down, Good leaders and poor leaders are chosen over time. but it is the voters that determine which direction were headed. Let’s all just try to get back to work, back to life and our loved ones. Just let the stress of the election melt away and that the decision made was a positive one for most people.

    1. Page 66

      Well, it has been over a week and people are still upset by the election. Small riots, name calling and other spoiled brat behavior. With this in mind, it made not come as that big of a surprise that they announced that the Chicago Cubs must share the World Series Championship with Cleveland. It is the :Right Thing to Do”. Both teams scored the same number of runs when you combine all the games, and yes it was decided by the 7th game in over time. How much closer could it be? So next year it is decided that we may have more then two winners, the players will all get the same salary, and anyone hitting more RBI’s then the less skilled players will be forced to turn them over to the not as good players so they will not “Feel Bad”. In other words, everyone gets trophies with sprinkles.

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