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The Coolest App You’re Not Using


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According to The Better Health Store, “The man-made chemicals now found in human tissue now stands at 287 including bisphenol A, found in many plastics; triclosan, found in antibacterial soap; a dozen  perfluorinated chemicals, such as PFOA used in the manufacture of non-stick cookware; and 29 volatile chemicals, such as the gasoline additive MTBE.”

287?! We all know that we’re exposed to horrible chemicals every day in the what we eat, drink, breathe in, and put on our bodies. Sadly, some of the products that we are told are good for us really aren’t . Sure, they might contain some ingredients that are good for us, but the bad heavily outweighs the good.

How do we really know what is healthy for us?

It’s time to download the coolest app you’re not using. Think Dirty. Lily Tse founded Think Dirty due to a family history of cancer and now works to educate the consumers on personal care products. It is a great app to help anyone learn about the products they are using.

With all of the health  concerns that currently exist in our society, it’s a no-brainer to give this app a try, and it’s free to download. You and your family can’t afford to put this off. Just give it a try. Download it and take a look at the potentially dangerous chemicals in your current personal care products. You’ll be astonished, maybe even a little ashamed and angry at what you find.

The time to be complacent about what we use on our bodies is gone. It’s time to think about increasing the quality of your life and your family’s lives. Download it now.

3 thoughts on “The Coolest App You’re Not Using

  1. Hello Laura…..I must admit, I agree 110%. This summer I was drinking out of a disposable plastic bottle that I had refilled the contents with tap water. It sat overnight and when I had a drink from it in the morning, I could taste the plastic (oils and chemicals) that the bottle was made of. It was breaking down from the tap water and putting those toxins directly into my body. I suspect that the plastic may even be made from recovered plastics that were breaking down from sunlight over the years. I have seen some places in the oceans that showed pictures of tons of plastic that had washed up on the beach. I am guessing they are recycling those plastics back into containers for our food/drink food chain supply. Just a guess, but it would not surprise me. Glad to see you are making the public aware of this through your blog site. People….Pay Attention to what is happening around you, your life could depend on it.

  2. Hello Laura. I know of your love for a good story with a surprise ending and was wondering if you ever read “Sundown at Coffin Rock”? They also wrote a follow up with “Sunrise at Coffin Rock”. Both short stories are an easy 10min. read each and just thought I would throw them at you to get your feedback on them. Take care…..Dorthy

  3. Hello Laura…..In your quest for a healthier life, my sister was just telling me about a book she just read. I thought you may find it of some interest also. The title is WHEAT BELLY by William Davis. If you get a chance to read it, let us know what you think. She has been on the diet for last then a week and can really see a difference. Take care….Dorthy

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