Not Cool, Insurance. Not Cool.

If you read the last post, you know that I suffer from some sort of weird fatigue. It’s been much better over the last couple of years than it was when it first began three years ago. However, I never wake up feeling refreshed, I get headaches on a daily basis, and I never know if I’m going to feel normal or if I’m going to feel as if I attended my first frat party the night before and closed it down. Because of this, I had my blood work done three years ago and the whole battery of tests to make sure that I was a-okay. Nothing was found. So I went to food… ate organic, then moved to plant-based, and it actually helped. But helped simply wasn’t good enough.

I decided to go to a sleep clinic. I’d had several scary nights when I had woken up unable to breathe, and I thought I might have sleep apnea. I also decided it would be a good idea to get all my blood work done again just to make sure. At the sleep clinic, the doctor thought that I might have narcolepsy which has a symptom of muscle paralysis. When I woke up unable to breathe, I wasn’t choking on anything; I was simply not breathing and it would take me several seconds to be able to breathe. It was almost as if my body had forgotten for a moment how to do it. So I decided to go ahead with the sleep study, but I also had to get approval from the insurance company.

The afternoon before the study I found out that the insurance company had denied the sleep study. Now I have to wait for the clinic to file an appeal on the basis of medical necessity. This has been very frustrating to say the least. The worst part is not knowing anything. I’ve been dealing with this for three years. I’ve tried everything outside of the field of medicine to deal with this. While I realize the insurance company doesn’t know this, it’s still frustrating that there was a denial. Do that many people really do sleep studies because they feel like it? Or because they just want to waste money the insurance company could have saved? It’s been three years. I’m at what feels like my last alternative to identifying the cause of this. Oh, insurance company, please just give me a break.

So here is my rant, and I’m done.

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  1. Well I am going to guess your insurance co. will not approve it. I can give you my 2 cents and take it for what it is….free internet advice. If I am way off base with no possibility of being correct, get rid of this post without a 2nd thought but here is what I see happening in your life from your own words. With what you have written in the past several months. I am thinkin …..Anxiety Disorder or AD. This has led to instances of Panic Attacks that probably occur while your sleeping/dreaming. You said this all started over 3 yrs ago, so you are going to need to go back to before that time to see what “life changing evants took place in your life. Something is not agreeing with you in the way your thinking your life should go? or decisions being made. You are fretting to the point of it has gone past your body’s normal coping skills. You can take medication, but that does not work well in my mind, only gives you other problems and still puts your body under extreme stress by covering it up, not curing it, I can go on, but not really sure if you want to hear what I’m thinkin. “Is THINKIN even a word?” English and spelling was my absolute Worst Subjects in school so please don’t grade my writing, but try to have an open mind on what I say. If you want me to continue, say so in a comment otherwise is will be quiet. PS….I loved your story about the note on the TV (coward’s way out) did not see that coming at the end and then Wham. Very thought provoking and I love it when you think a joke is going to end in a certain way and has an ending that is by surprize.

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