Life as a Pisces

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Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’ve never been one to read my daily horoscope. To be quite honest, I can count on one hand how many times in my life I’ve actually read it. But I have taken a look at the descriptions for the horoscopes, and mine is spot on. Naturally, some of the descriptions vary from site to site, so I typically take stock in the characteristics of the Pisces that are the same on each site. While there are things that I love about myself, there are certainly characteristics that I wish I’d never developed. Let me fill you in on some of the Pisces characteristics.

1. lazy on things that don’t matter

2. hard working on things that do matter

3. overly emotional

4. always in search of the true self

5. intuitive

6. head is always in the clouds

7. lack of self-discipline

8. always wanting to help others in pain

9. very sensitive and loyal

10. left to their own devices too long, the Pisces will start dreaming of their own little world

These are just some of the main characteristics of the Pisces, and I have all of them. I certainly know how to be lazy and work hard. But I’m not very good at moderation. I will work on something so hard and for so many hours and days that I have to take a break to keep myself sane. Then I’m a lazy slug for several days in a row.

My typical form of laziness is movie watching which kind of feeds into #6 and #10. The movies always have a happy ending or they can take me out of my own head, which is something that I tremendously enjoy. It’s not that I dislike my life, but when things are tough, sometimes it’s so much nicer to spend a few hours either watching a story about how someone’s life is way worse than mine ever could be or watching a story about someone’s great life and I can live vicariously for a little while.

When I do focus on my own life, I’m typically working on #4 and #8. I’m a self-help junkie, and I’m always looking for ways to improve myself. I have read enough books to fill an entire bookcase. But I don’t always stick to their suggestions because, after all, I am #7 – lacking self-discipline. The ones that I do stick with I do with tenacity, and they are usually the ones that I use when I’m doing #8 – helping others in need. When I learn new information or a new strategy, I feel compelled to share it with the people I love because I feel that the information is really important for them or the strategy would work really well for them. I don’t think I’m the only one who lacks self-discipline, and I certainly don’t do it in every area of my life. There are strategies that I have in place that I’ve used for years and others that are new, so don’t think that we lack self-discipline in every aspect of our lives.

Despite my many flaws, I am a loyal friend and I do have a pretty good gut instinct on many things. While my head is sometimes in the clouds, I think that it allows me to see beauty where others might not find it or appreciate it. Right now I’m looking outside my living room window into the beautiful blue sky through a tree whose leaves are the most magnificent yellow and brown and green. Some people are seeing falling leaves, darker skies, and some rain as a sign that winter is coming. I see a bouquet of bountiful colors and the promise of Halloween followed by Thanksgiving and rounded out with Christmas. Anything dreary during this time is completely ignored in favor of beautiful decorations and twinkling lights, hot cocoa and fireplaces, and family and friends. Not such a bad way to live, is it?

One thought on “Life as a Pisces

  1. Hello…..Well move over, for I am a Pisces too and that probably fits my story line. Even though I am complaining and not knowing what to do with my little problem, for the most part I would not trade places or change much of my life with anyone. I can look back a different times and remember the good and great times, and not let the bad times bother me. I think of my self as a happy person and feel others like to be around me. I have some crazy quirks like printing everything instead of long hand writing it out. All through HS and college, I printed all my notes and asignments. My English teacher threaten to fail me If I did not write long hand. Interesting enough I was assigned to print out the HS class schedules for the whole school, so I guess my printing must have been very good to be choosen for that job. Life can be crazy, but I always found it to be fun. I would rather watch a bunch of 10yr old kids play ball then go to a professinal game. Acutally I would rather play softball then watch the 10yr olds, but sometimes it is just nice to watch a game. Well I guess Pisces have a strange thought process, but it works for me. Take care, Dorthy

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