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Fitness Friday Quote of the Day

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I picked this one today because I’ve really been struggling with working out lately. I’m a personal trainer, so this shouldn’t be happening. However, this is something that also happens to my clients. Something comes up so we don’t make it to the gym. No Biggie. It’ll happen tomorrow. Suddenly you realize that four tomorrows have passed and you haven’t worked out all week. Now it’s Friday, you’re tired, and the last thing you want to do is throw on some gym clothes and get your sweat on.

This is when we must suck it up. I’ve been sick for several weeks with this cold that just won’t go away (topped with allergies). I’ve also developed asthma that flares up when I work out. On top of this, I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot which has led to a hip issue from compensations. AND I have shoulder impingement from playing too much softball. These issues are plenty to deal with on their own. The fact that they keep me from performing workouts (which I see as a big part of my job) at my best, or at all, is very disheartening.

I have to suck it up. While I can’t perform workouts like I used to, I certainly can get my butt to the gym. It’s important to remember that healing takes time. Mine seems to be taking forever, but I should be thankful that I have use of my body even when it’s damaged. So I’m going to suck it up and forget about the couch and chips (baked blue corn chips lightly salted) that might be calling my name. I need to heed the siren call of the spin bike and foam rollers. Eventually I’ll work out the kinks in my body. Then I can continue to kick ass.

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  1. Hello Laura This is just a test reply. I tried leaving a reply on the story, but it doesn’t show up. I think you may be out of band width for the blog??

    1. I didn’t run out of bandwidth, I’ve unfortunately been MIA. I have started my 3rd part-time job and last week was Black Friday. I’m sorry that I’ve been gone. This is my first day logging on since the last reply I gave you.

  2. Hello Laura Glad to hear you are all right Thought for a moment a turkey gobbled you up. As you saw, I left you some questions for a little feed back so I may better know if I am making this half way interesting and using your site appropiately. I also had a page 9 where the murder took place on my birthday that I see you did not approve. Didn’t know if you over looked it, or felt that it really should not be in the story or something else where maybe it did not even reach you and is lost in ciber space. Hope you are feeling better and I will start the story back up after hearing from you with your honest feed back. Take care of yourself, Dorthy

    1. Haha. No turkey gobbled me up because I don’t gobble turkey! As far as your page 9, I didn’t post it because of the content. My blog is about improving your mind, body, and soul. While it was an interesting piece of the story, it just didn’t fit the content of my blog. As far as the story itself (this is the teacher in me speaking), your story is very interesting, but there are a lot of time elements that are out of place. The flow is rough when you move from one event to another, and there are details that are missing. What I mean is that the events are very clear in your head, but you must create a picture for your reader as to what happened in each event. Each main idea within the event gets its own paragraph. For example, if you take a look at your page 9 about the bar, there are really 3 paragraphs written as one. I think if you’re having this much fun writing your life story, you should create a blog here on wordpress (it’s free!) and anonymously tell your story. Each post could be a kind of episodic writing that follows one event or even a day of your life. But it would need to be planned a little first by figuring out when you want to start. And you would have to be patient in telling your story. Sometimes people get so impatient to get it all out that they leave out important details and events. When they have to go back and tell them, they don’t have the same impact.

  3. Thank you for your feed back. I will try to slow down and do it like the teacher wants it, but remember, English and all that goes with it is really my worst subject. I am very lazy it with it and I would drather be doing my taxes then hammering out a story. I guess it feels good to me for knowing that I can tell this story and maybe someday a great grand kid may read it and have some interest in it. I also want to relate another happening that just occured on my other board.
    One of the hive was at the airport the day before T day and found $2,550 in cash laying on the ground. He had the smarts and honesty to try and get it back to the real owner. He told the airport authorities that he found a large sum of money and left his phone number. Sure enough the person who lost it got his number through the airport and was able to discribe the amount and where he lost it so there was no doubt it was theirs. He gave the money to them and they told our hive memeber how he saved the family vacation they had planned for so long. Isn’t it always a nice touch to hear a true feel good story around the holidays?

  4. Hello Laura Just a question or 2 if I may. Before T Day, when ever I left a reply it would stay on my screen saying it is waiting moderation. Today when I leave a reply, as soon as I send it, it will leave my screen. Just wondering if you changed a setting at your end? I also sent another version for page 9 lets call 9B and was wondering if that did not make your requirement for your blog or if you just over looked it or maybe never received it? I am not using any notes, or outline for what I am writing, so it is helpful to me to read what I have down to know where to start up again. Thanks, and have a good weekend. One more thing, I also noticed that you have 7 comments for this one, but really only 6 show up.

    1. Dorothy, I’m not seeing anything new for 9. Did you edit your comment or send something new? Also, I haven’t changed my settings, so I’m not sure why your comment is suddenly disappearing. Maybe it’s a new WP setting? I’m really not sure.

  5. Hello Laura It’s 4 oclock in the morning, and I woke up because of a sore shoulder. I had thrown it out early in the day. I find that this time of day I am my most creative and can really think outside the box. It is like my mind gets a rest and then it can start thinking about ways to solve any problems I may have or think I have. My first thought was to turn to the Ebola issue. I had not thought about it for a few weeks and I was just curious how the numbers that are reported to us for deaths were rising mathmaticly. The second thing that got me wondering was something really wiered. I guess it felt like I was back in school (remember my classmates said I should be a debator? or was it masterbator, naw could not have been that, I did not know what that word had for a meaning back in grade school. Anyway you said you did not use page 9A because it did not fit the into the thoughts of your blog. Funny right after I wrote that page, it gave me a funny feeling like I was wondering why I wrote it and I too did not feel like it was really part of the story. I was actually relieved that you did not use it. It simply did not seem like something I was trying to convey to anyone. Then my mind started to wonder about something I think I read from your works about being able to find something good in a bad situation. I believe you found yourself in that position by association and I thought to my self this morning, wow, I was hanging around people in that bar I would not normally associated with. I knew while I was living that part of my life, it was not really something I desired, it was more like a learning experience of what not to be like. I also realized I put my self in Danger much like you did. Just for the record, I felt you found out your friend was smoking a little weed, which is still illegal where I live, but is alright in some states. I then thought, I wonder if you two would have broke up if you were living where you are today? I am guessing you probably would have, but you see my point. I may be way off base with what I just wrote, but still an interesting debate could be made of it. So my wanting to dabate keeps slapping me up side my face saying your blog is for learning, and that is exactly what I went through for that period of time. Interesting way of looking at it isn’t it.
    New paragraph, see I am learning because I am changing to my next thought. I for some reason googled my last name. Never did anything like that before and I remember several years ago I thought it meant “teacher”. Well I just surprised myself when it said Psychic. That hit me like a ton of bricks because I felt I always got this from my mother’s side and of course my last name came from my fathers side. Weird or what. It was also the very first sentence in what my last name means, not like it was buried 3 paragraphs down. So I just wanted to share this with someone and not really sure what it means if anything. Take care

  6. The last coouple of days have sucked. My spouce lost their best friend unexpectly on Wed. The friend had been fighting the big C for 18 yrs. and thought they were on top of it. C free up untill a year ago. Doc said it came back and they went through all the trements and all looked good. We even went out to eat with them 6 weeks ago to help celebrate. They looked great for what they had been through. A little over 3 weeks ago they started having problems again. This was about the time that I felt like my spouce was introuble and we had a long talk about seeing a Doc. My spouce of course would not go, little did I dream that one of our best friends had taken such a turn for the worst. Knew nothing until the call that we found out they were dead. Wow, just wow, what a sad happening.

    On a happier note, our dog turns 2yrs old today. She is a 12-12-2012 baby and is more human then some people I know. I look at this as an excuse to have some birthday cake. Yeah, I will go to such lengths for a Party with cake.

    All is good with page 9B. I screwed up on my end. Forgot to mark it as page 9. Yes, you are centainly right about the story getting confusing and not Flowing from one part to another. Sorry about that, will try to do better. I guess sometimes I think the story of how it happened in my head and forgot to put it down for the readers like you had mentioned.

    Wishing all is well at your end, always seems like a lot of turmoil that takes place around this time of year. Stay safe.

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