Buck the Holiday System

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I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful if you decided to celebrate. It’s that time of year when we have to remember the point of the season. The holidays are about spending time with loved ones, not measuring our love by how much we buy for each other. Yes, it does feel good to be able to buy our loved ones something, but it feels just as good to give time and energy instead of money.

There are wonderful things that you can do to show that you love and appreciate someone without spending a dime. You want to get something for your brother and sister-in-law? How about volunteering to babysit so they can spend a much needed night out together? Parents? Invite them over for dinner.

Go for a walk with a friend.

Commit to an exercise program with a family member.

Give your spouse a romantic evening in.

Do a chore for a loved one that you normally aren’t responsible for.

Have a family movie night and rent Redbox movies. (Okay, so that one will cost you $1.20.)

Money talks. We all know this. But you don’t have to let it speak louder than your conscience. Loved ones will understand that you care and want to get into the spirit of giving, but you just don’t have the money to buy into the hype of holiday commercialism. Heck, you can even make it a point to have a great holiday and make it your intention to go against the commercialism of it.

What are ways that you plan on showing your holiday spirit without going overboard?

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