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Becoming All Natural in This Home!

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I’ve been trying to get away from some of the typical cleaning products lately. I know that many of them are toxic (here’s an article you can read), and they are the last thing I want around my house. So I’ve been on the search for friendly recipes for natural cleaning. I also haven’t discounted some of the brands that are out that use plant-based formulas.

At this point, I’ve made dishwashing soap, hand soap, toilet bowl cleaner, chocolate and peppermint body butter, and laundry detergent. I wasn’t too happy with the dishwashing soap. It was runnier than we’re used to, and I just couldn’t get a scent that didn’t smell like a hospital or clinic. I ended up buying The Honest Company’s dish soap. It smells wonderful, and words really well. I also bought the multipurpose spray and loved it. It cuts through grease quickly, doesn’t leave a film behind, and smells wonderful.

The rest of my attempts were very successful. The laundry detergent will last forever which will save us a lot of money with the holiday season coming. I just used the Duggar’s laundry detergent recipe. It’s very easy to make. It does use Borax, and I know that there are a lot of people who are fine with using it and others who are not. I recently read a great article that listed all the pros and cons. After reading it, I’m okay with using it.

I’ve also gone to plant-based hair products. Right now I’m using Andalou¬†shampoo and conditioner¬†that I bought from Whole Foods. It’s been really great for my hair. Since using it, I haven’t used any sprays, gels, or creams. My hair has been really soft, and it hasn’t reacted to the damp weather we’ve been having here in Washington.

The goal is to move to plant-based body wash, face cleaner, lotion, and make-up. It’ll take a little time, but the process and research has been fun. If you’re not up for making your own toxic free items, many stores carry these things. You can find most body care items at Whole Foods in their Whole Body section. I could spend hours there. If you’re not sure what you are looking for, there is always someone working in the section who can help answer any questions you might have about the products. You can also read about the Whole Body section on their website. I’m going to make a little plug for Whole Foods right now. I love what this company stands for. People around this area joke and call it Whole Paycheck. I would gladly spend my whole paycheck to know that I’m getting food and products from a business that has devoted itself to carrying items that are good for people. And to defend their prices, I have seen plenty of places that have the same items as Whole Foods and charge more. I can get organic quinoa for 4 bucks at WF, yet Fred Meyer, Safeway, and even Walmart charge significantly more. Some of their products are the same price as items found in other stores. The Honest Company is the same at Target as it is at Whole Foods, and WF had a sale on the brand two weeks ago, making it cheaper than what I’d seen at Target. Okay. I’m off my soap box. I just don’t mind paying a little more for an item I feel is simply superior.

Let me know if you have any questions about the recipes I’ve been using or the cleaning supplies from The Honest Company.

6 thoughts on “Becoming All Natural in This Home!

  1. Glad to see you are having fun with it and saving a little coin while doing it. Life is all about having fun and doing the right things. I also can’t help but feel maybe you started your campaign because of my last comments that I made on what danger I think could be surrounding us. I will also give you another big WOW, I have not heard of or have known of anyone making their own soap since my mother and grandmother. You pulled at my heart string unexpectedly remembering back to those days. What I also find interesting is that I am in the exact opposite predicament you find yourself in. I am ready to enjoy life and to see the sites, but my spouse wants to keep working even though money is not an issue. So I usually feel like I am sitting at home like a dog waiting for my owner to come home and play with me. I guess I am just burned out on the whole work thing and do not see the point when it looks like the economy is ready to fall off the cliff. I would ask another person, but they are in a committed relationship for now, so I just wait. If you have any thoughts on my problem, please let me know, and no I will not do it by myself or with anyone else but either of those two. Well guess it is time to go vote, I only wish that it too would make a difference. Best wishes, Dorthy

    1. Hi, Dorothy! You’re right about your previous comment. As I thought about making the changes, you were in my mind. As for your predicament, I have a question. Is there a possibility that your spouse would take some time off to travel with you? My father is retired and my mother still has two years until retirement. But she saves her vacation days and they do quite a bit of traveling. Granted, some of their trips are shorter such as a Friday through Monday, but it might be a nice compromise.

  2. Hello Laura….Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have thought about that and I must admit we do travel for a couple of weeks out of the year, but that is only 5% of our lives or less. I am also upset that I predicted this would happen, but I was assured that they would retire at an age they chosed, That has come and gone. I also have a bad feeling that my spouse has cancer and they will not go and get it checked out. They had issues a couple of years ago, but I saved her life by cancelling her operation that was only two days away and picked another doctor that did things right. Their first doctor would have left it with his procedure where the 2nd one removed it and the lab then tested it and it came back positive. Yeah, crazy isn’t it but what can you do. I guess just sit and wait. The other person who I would enjoy doing this with will possibly loose their spouse to illness, so I am filled with emotion and ready for a break. Sorry for bending your ear, but reading your posts usually puts a smile on my face other then the pain I know you must be going through with your money problem. Take care and if you have any answers, I am all ears like a Jack Rabbit.

    1. Dorothy, I’m sorry that you’ve had to go through some rough patches. That is never any fun, but I feel that we define ourselves by how we respond to conflicts in our lives. Cancer is never an easy thing to deal with. Everyone so far on my mother’s side has died from cancer. It’s a slow, painful process to watch. Definitely talk to your spouse about your concerns. You are partners in your relationship, and something like this should never be ignored or hidden from. It’s also time to remind your spouse of the promise made when you first discussed retirement. Just because you’re together for better or worse doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t hold true to your promises and obligations. Good luck.

      1. Hello Well I took your advice and when my spouce’s son came over this morning who just happens to be an RN, I talked of my concerns with all 3 of us. 1. Broken promise of retiring, 2. Possible cancer developing. 3. If the SHTF and we are just trying to survive, not much travel will take place. I have talked about my concerns every week or two for the last year, so it was more just for a witness to understand the situation. He agreeded with everything and also said compromise. My spouce just said things are really busy at work and could not get vacation time off till next year. So up goes the wall of defence and things go back to being the same with no change. Thanks for your time and insight, and still open for suggestions. Also the RN has tried to get his mother to the Doc. signed Dorthy not knowing what to do.

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