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ABCs of Life: I is for Investment

Часы с надписью TIME TO INVEST (Время инвестировать)There are quite a few people that will say that investing is an important part of your finances. It helps secure your financial future and insures that you are set for life after you retire. It helps your children potentially have a legacy, and all it took was a little bit of time and maintenance. But I’m not talking about investing your money. I’m talking about investing yourself and time.

In several of my previous posts, I mention the American disease of BBS (Busy Bee Syndrome). Our culture has become one of calendars, planners, and to-do apps. Our popularity is based on how many things we put into our schedules, as if we are more loved because we’ve penciled every hour of the day. It’s impossible to invest yourself 100% into anything when you are too busy trying to fill your calendar. It’s time to fill your calendar with time for yourself and time for your family. Investing in these two things allows you have that legacy for your children that you want.

First, you must invest in time for yourself. Find at least one hobby that you love, and make sure you take the time to do it. Don’t say that you love golfing when you haven’t gone in two years. When you invest a little in yourself, you have time and energy to fulfill other obligations in your life. You have more clarity, and sometimes you’re just a happier person when you are able and willing to take the time to invest in yourself.

Second, you must invest in time for your family. The legacy that you can create with your investment is not one of money; it’s one of tradition. Create new, small traditions that you love to do with your spouse and children. When your children see your interactions with your spouse, they will grow up with stronger relationships because they see the investment. When your children are part of traditions, they will pass them on to their own children. That’s a legacy that will last for generations.

All it takes is a small investment to receive a large return. It’s worth it.

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