ABCs of Life: D is for Dance

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Dance? Is she serious? Yes. Yes, I am. For those of you who don’t dance, you should really give it a try. However, if it makes you feel any better, I’m talking about dance literally and metaphorically. I’ll start with the literal.

For those of you who are willing to dance, you know how much fun it is. It’s a form of exercise that is liberating. It’s fun and you can get a workout in at the same time! You don’t have to do it in front of anyone to have fun and to feel the energy of moving your body to a simple beat. Just do it. Car dance! Dance at a club. Dance while making dinner. Dance while you clean and listen to music. Dance while you’re getting ready for work. Dance in the shower (provided you have a stable, slip-resistant floor or mat). This is easy to do, and it’s very natural for the human body to pick up rhythms. Simply move to the beat. Once you do, you’ll feel some of your worries leave you for a while. Your endorphins will pick up because you are actually exercising, making you feel lighthearted. A natural smile will return to your face.

Now for the metaphorical.

For those of you who are not willing to dance, please make sure that you read the paragraph about literal dancing. If you don’t want to dance, that’s fine. That means that you have to find that one thing kicks up your endorphins and makes you smile. It’s probably something that you love to do, but you haven’t done it in a while. You may not be the best at it, but you love it anyway (anywayisn’t a word, by the way). My husband doesn’t dance, but I love to. His equivalent to dancing is golfing. He works up a sweat. He enjoys doing it. It brings out that natural smile, and for 18 holes he is in Heaven. That is his dancing.

Ultimately, the goal is to find something that makes you happy that you never give yourself time to do. Give yourself that time. Make it an important part of your life starting today. A happier you is a better you. I chose dancing because I know it’s something that many people enjoyed in the past, but they’ve given up the activity because they associate it with a younger lifestyle. Who says it has to be done in a club? Do what you love for yourself, not because you’re worried what others think or because you feel too old.

Go find your fun.

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